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Cannabis Lovers’ Gift Guide

Three red stockings with white pot leaves patterned on them hold the perfect gifts for your stoner friends.


Cannabis Lovers’ Gift Guide

Forget the stress of cooking for Thanksgiving, gift-giving holidays can really be a nightmare if buying good presents isn’t a natural skill. There’s nothing more disappointing than totally missing the mark and letting down a friend or family member with a mediocre pick that doesn’t fit their personality. For smokers, handing over a dank strain is a guaranteed way to put a smile on their face, but there are other ways to keep the puffers pleased without going for the obvious choice. Here’s a list that will please the cannabis enthusiast and give them a bit of a surprise, too.

magicalbutterMagical Butter

Edible lovers, unite! This machine is truly a treasure for the butter, oil and topical makers of cannabis culture. All it takes is some dry buds or leaves, a base like butter or oil and the press of a button to make potent, cannabis-infused products. The best thing about this device is that it does everything on its own without requiring constant supervision.


We’ve all been there: looking around for a pokey thing to get the last bit of stubborn ash from the pipe. Yes, that toothpick and safety pin has been a reliable go-to but it never hurts to move onto the finer things in life. The Kasher is an accessory that fits right on a lighter and serves as an all-purpose poker to help clear a pipe at a moment’s notice — no searching around necessary.


This cute and easy-to-use vaporizer is a handheld wonder that’s a good accessory for any cannabis enthusiast looking to get in a quick puff while on the go. The convenient, portable device uses convection vaporizing to ensure perfect plumes and dense but not burnt vapor. It comes in three basic shades (dark gray, cherry red or silver) and also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can guarantee extended and uninterrupted sessions. Enter our 12-week giveway for a chance to win a Firefly for the holidays.

white-rhino-pipe-cleanerWhite Rhino Pipe Cleaner 

Nothing ruins the clean, tasty flavor of a quality strain like a dirty pipe full of old, hard resin. Get rid of nasty residue with this cleaner that can wipe out buildup. Just put the pipe in a sealable bag, pour some of the solution over the piece and let it sit, so it can work its magic. Give it a hearty shake or two and watch the grime disappear. It’s best recommended for regular cleaning as opposed to tackling old, heavy duty jobs.

empower-oilEmpower Oil        

Kiss tense muscles, tight shoulders and uncomfortable knots goodbye with this powerful and effective topical made to help soothe body pain. Created with care, these products utilize the multiple healing aspects of the cannabis plant including THC, CBD and terpenes to get the job done. Although this brand is currently only available in Washington and Oregon, these products may soon be making their way around the country as legislation changes in various states.

beyond-budsBeyond Buds  

As the title suggests, this thorough read offers readers details on how to make cannabis products beyond the dried buds or flowers. It’s a good buy for the cultivator and connoisseur alike. Find tips on what to do with all those extra leaves, learn how to utilize trim and shake and how to make different types of hash — all with instructions and step-by-step directions.

shotgunpipesShotgun Pipes  

A little bit goes a long way with this small, travel-friendly pipe that’s good for the friend that like to stay medicated while out on the town. These sturdy pieces have single or multiple glass bowls and come in cool, eye-catching color combinations. One of the best things about this piece is that it’s made out of wood, eliminating any worries about accidental and unintentional shattering, chipping or breaking.


Because dry, flavorless flowers can and will ruin any smoking experience, knowing how and where to keep them moist without molding is paramount. Step into the world of cannabis luxury with this top-of-the-line storage system. Modeled after the traditional cigar humidor, the Cannador is an airtight humidification box carefully designed to preserve the quality and relative humidity (RH) of buds.


Made with hemp and beeswax, Hempwick provides an environmentally-friendly, clean-burning flame that prevents smokers from inhaling chemicals in butane that can damage the body. There are a number of ways to get a smooth smoking session rolling, but using a wick is a surefire way to keep buds tasting good and full of flavor.


This state-of-the-art tabletop vaporizer has no issue with not being small or discreet. It’s sleek, smart and certainly not your average device. Choose from a bag or a whip and allow the halogen heat lamp with self-adjusting temperature to expertly vape the dry herb to perfection. There’s also an aromatherapy feature that allow users to blast the smell of fragrant herbs into their home.

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