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Product Review: Dabwiser


Product Review: Dabwiser

No need to get dabbed out and look into the gaze of the wise owl for answers, the “Daily Driver” rig from Dabwiser offers straightforward simple solutions to the troubles that plague members of the 710 nation. Crafted from thick, solid glass this piece contains a few stealthy secrets. For starters, the titanium carb cap and dab tool that come with the “Oracle” nail can be screwed in two ways. The first way is straightforward, but the second way (discovered by screwing in the tool to the other side of the carb cap) allows you to drop the tool directly into the nail. This innovative solution seals the cap into the pan as the hit continues to draw through. With all the delicious, terpenated dab vapor and none of the waste, this original titanium tool is a great accessory for the piece as a whole.

The Dabwiser’s domeless nail also belies a form of errl innovation. The top pan portion, which in titanium nails becomes oxidized and unable to hold heat after continued use, can be screwed off and replaced for a fraction of a cost of replacing the whole nail. This means even if the stickiest of reclaim has the nail permanently fused to your rig, you can replace the pan and continue to dab down.

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