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Product Review: Bhang Stick


Product Review: Bhang Stick

Bhang Stick is a good investment for people looking for a convenient, high quality, portable vaporizer.

The popularity of portable vaporizers has been steadily increasing as more people get hip to the sweet convenience of being able to enjoy cannabis flowers and concentrates in a discreet manner while they’re chilling at home or out-and-about. These devices have grown into a staple in the culture, becoming just as common as glass pipes or joints among those who like to toke.

Bhang, the company best known for their delicious cannabis-infused chocolate bars, has introduced a personal vaporizer called the Bhang Stick that allows users to simply attach a pre-filled cartridge and bypass loading their vape like other styles require. The stick itself is powered by a 280mah battery and atomizer with an upgraded Nichrome coil, which helps to effortlessly deliver great-tasting concentrates.

The cartridges available for the device are the best part, of course. With 60 revolving sativa, indica and hybrid strains, users will never tire of Bhang’s 100 percent cannabis oil cartridges. They’re available in 275mg to 550mg with potency ranging from 50 percent to 65 percent THC and have no additives, no glycols and no glycerines. It’s just pure CO2.

We tried sativa-dominant Lamb’s Bread and indica-dominant Ogre. Lamb’s Bread was a light smoke with a full-bodied, bright taste and an uplifting, pleasant cerebral high, while Ogre was more relaxing with a deeper, almost diesel flavor profile.

Check your local dispensary to purchase.

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  1. Mr. RoachClip

    February 26, 2016 at 9:02 am

    I recently tried the 2 different flavors of the Bhang Cartridges I already had a battery from a local dispensary. I had been getting there proprietary Cartridges made by PopNaturals. There were AWESOME at first then I started noticing the color of the oil was getting darker and the taste wasn’t the same. That’s when I tried this Bhang variety. I bought 2 Sativa Maui Waui.. (The only Sativa ones)
    And the taste was horrid!! Like soap!! I was soooooo bummed I went after work and exchanged out the other one for an OG Kush one.. And this one tastes marginally better more burnt than soap…. But there is something wrong with the way it hits!!!! I will pull off it two or three blinks and still no cloud?? This oil seems much thicker than the Maui…. I am Bumming!!!
    Stuck with some bullshit!!!

  2. renee paglia

    September 16, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    Bob Marley

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