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Product Review: Slim Inline by Elevate Accessories

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Product Review: Slim Inline by Elevate Accessories

Photo by Gracie Malley

Product Review: Slim Inline by Elevate Accessories

Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the Slim Inline from Elevate Accessories is a tabletop piece that looks classically refined.

This ultra-sleek rig is all form follows function. The handcrafted wood element of the piece is created on a made-to-order basis in Denver and comes coupled with glass blown in Southern California by Purr.

The base, which can be made with a number of different types of wood, rests comfortably on a desktop and the mouthpiece is turned at such an angle that it allows users to watch as bubbles and vapor rise in the glass.

While it comes with a bowl for flowers as well as a glass nail, the “bubbler bong with wax accessories” has just the right water-to-space ratio to be the perfect dab rig. When paired with a large dollop of Candy Jack solventless wax, the Slim Inline produces an effortless cool, clean hit complete with deep, satisfying bubble sounds. The top of the piece also contains a concentrate dish with a place to rest a dab tool.

Additional smoking accessories from Elevate include a wood dugout with storage for the finest chronic as well as a glass one-hitter with a wooden tip. The brandmark on each item, cast in-house by the Denver team, reflects the hexagon present in THC molecule as well as an “E” for Elevate without being too cliche. These products are beautiful display pieces that utilize a clean and functional design to advance and further legitimize responsible adult-use cannabis consumption.

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Originally published in issue 13 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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