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Let Weedmaps Be Your Guide

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Let Weedmaps Be Your Guide

As the legal cannabis industry develops, Weedmaps continues to be a trustworthy wealth of knowledge for cannabis consumers.

Founded in 2008, Weedmaps was the first technology company to help their users find cannabis doctors, dispensaries and delivery services.  

As the company enters its second decade of business, the cannabis industry is now much more widely accepted than it was 12 years ago. Naturally, Weedmaps has evolved with the times, but the company’s commitment to powering a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy remains firm.   

“To this day, the core of everything we try to do as a company is to support the community and extend the values that got the industry to where it is today,” said Chris Beals, Weedmaps CEO. 

Weedmaps maintains a strong belief in the power of cannabis. 

“We invest financial and people resources not only on building great software, but also in driving legalization, increasing access to the plant, and ensuring marginalized communities are included and receive the benefit from the industry’s growth,” Beals added.  

The company’s signature software provides consumers with a wide array of cannabis product information, including online ordering, local retailer and brand listings, product discovery and consumer education. 

A Source of Truth for the Cannabis Curious

Committed to removing the stigma associated with cannabis and normalizing its use in society, Weedmaps developed the WM Learn and WM Strains platforms. This software enables consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing cannabis products. 

“Weedmaps works directly with subject matter experts, licensed brands and retailers to provide the richest source of product information to consumers,” Beals said. “We are a source of truth for cannabis connoisseurs, as well as those consumers that are simply curious to learn more.”

More specifically, the “learn” tab on their website functions as a guide to understanding essential topics and laws relating to cannabis. 

When visiting the page, viewers are encouraged to learn more about various topics, such as products and consumption methods; CBD benefits and uses; how THC affects your body; and the history of cannabis. 

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On the “strains” page, more than 1,200 cannabis strains are documented with photos, descriptions, and top-reported effects and flavors. With this information, cannabis users can do their research and feel empowered to make more informed purchasing decisions and order the product that’s just right for them.  

The user-friendly platform is inviting in appearance and offers a wealth of information. 

Other notable consumer features include live menus, deals and online ordering capabilities. And, through Weedmaps’ brand verification program, consumers are given confidence in knowing that the products available to them have been verified authentic by the brand, and compliantly lab tested. 

“We are committed to being the world’s most comprehensive cannabis resource for consumers,” Beals said. “We know there is a lot of misinformation out there, which is why we work diligently to make our user experience one that is seamless, informative and unparalleled to what is out in the market.”

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