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ICBC Goes Virtual with Their First Ever Remote Conference

ICBC goes virtual with online symposium
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ICBC Goes Virtual with Their First Ever Remote Conference

COVID-19 moves the International Cannabis Business Conference’s (ICBC) world-class cannabis expo online for the very first time.

International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), a premier cannabis networking event known for its worldwide focus on the industry, is hosting their first-ever online event, the Virtual Global Symposium, on Wednesday, June 9. 

With a worldwide network already in place, ICBC’s ability to reach out to the world and attract attendees, exhibitors and speakers from around the globe proved to be relatively easy compared to other conferences, according to Alex Rogers, the event’s CEO and executive producer. 

“Our international audience is congruent to doing a virtual event,” Rogers said. “It’s a great way to connect with the global cannabis community and is ideal for someone looking to expand their business on a national or international level,” he said, adding that attendees from 70 different countries were already signed up for the event.

The streamlined and power-packed event takes place via a mobile app from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST and features an all-star lineup of speakers including Rick Steves, cannabis activist and renowned international travel expert; Peter Homberg, partner at leading international law firm, Denton’s, and head of the European Cannabis Sector Group; and Lorenza Romanese, managing director at the European Industrial Hemp Association. 

Curated out of a need for more interaction between professionals during the isolating effects of COVID-19, the Global Symposium is a platform that business owners can use to lean on each other for support and learn how to navigate the complexities of cannabis and the coronavirus. 

The schedule includes speakers who will offer insight on: the current market, how the pandemic is affecting the industry, and what businesses can do to thrive and survive during COVID-19 and beyond. 

“I’m excited to learn the best way to move forward and maximize time and resources,” Rogers said. 

A Virtual Cannabis Conference

You might be wondering, “What does a virtual expo even look like?” 

Taking place on Whova, a mobile app designed specifically for networking events, exhibitors can do a variety of things, from uploading files and providing various links and resources in their portals, to hosting chat rooms and networking one-on-one with their virtual visitors. 

“A lot of networking gets done on the app,” Rogers commented, explaining that the app opens up a few days before the event and remains open for weeks after, allowing attendees plenty of time to network and make deals. 

The event will be moderated by comedian and master of ceremonies, Ngaio Bealum and cannabis journalist David Downs. Instead of just scheduling speaker after speaker, there will be “breaks” with cannabis superstars such as Tommy Chong, Doug Benson and DJ Muggs. 

“We want to make it fun to keep attendees engaged and bring some levity to an otherwise cerebral program,” Rogers said. 

To date, Rogers has produced approximately 20 events for ICBC around the world. For the inaugural virtual event, he says he’s looking forward to seeing how robust the remote networking can be. 

Two key advantages that come with the online gathering include saving time and resources by not having to travel, as well as the ability to stay online with new connections as long as you want. 

ICBC goes virtual with online symposium

“You never have to hand out a business card,” Rogers says. “This is about keeping our people engaged, making deals, partnering and networking before they can meet face-to-face.” 

Early Bird Ticket prices are available for $50 until June 8 at midnight. Prices increase to $99 on June 9, the day of the event. Register now at

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