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The New KandyPens OURA Will Keep Your Flavors True

KandyPens Oura
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The New KandyPens OURA Will Keep Your Flavors True

With four optimal settings, the OURA from KandyPens lets you set your own taste temperature.

The concentrate world is in the midst of a portable e-rig revolution. Wax users can now enjoy traditional rig-like hits anywhere they want to, without having to use a torch.

While a multitude of brands have thrown their hats into the ring, the new KandyPens OURA might just be one of the best electric dab rigs out today. Designed in Santa Barbara, California, the KandyPens OURA is available in a multitude of stylish pastels shades that will complement any vape vibe well.

The team seemingly had one goal in mind when making the KandyPens OURA: huge clouds.

Housed in the petite zinc-alloy package is a beastly 3000mAh battery — one of the largest available in a portable dab rig. This powerful battery helps the KandyPens OURA keep a consistent temperature throughout your session, ensuring the flavor of your material stays true. Charging the device from a dead battery takes less than an hour, an impressively quick process for such a large battery. Heat up time before draws clocks in around 10 seconds, so you’re never waiting long for a deep draw.

The KandyPens OURA has four temperature options to help you explore your material. Yellow is the lowest and green is the next step up. Red is the second hottest, while blue rounds out the set as the highest temperature option. Even the lowest temperature options deliver massive clouds of vapor, and the highest setting will definitely manufacture Instagram-worthy rips.

The KandyPens OURA comes with a quartz atomizer to ensure huge vapor clouds no matter the temperature, with a ceramic bowl option also packaged with the device. The inert nature of the ceramic bowl helps to keep outside flavors out of your draws and add a few more tasting notes compared to the voluminous nature of the quartz. 

One of the coolest features of the KandyPens OURA is the borosilicate glass attachment. The bulbous shape of the attachment makes for an uber-low draw resistance due to your vapor being collected inside the round part of the glass. This design suits two kinds of dab consumers: those who want a large amount of vapor all at once, and those who prefer to “sip” or microdose their vapor. Being made of borosilicate glass, it can withstand everyday drops without the risk of shattering.

Competition is fierce in the electric dab rig market right now, but KandyPens has thrown down the gauntlet with the KandyPens OURA. While the e-rig can produce thick vapor quickly, geared toward people putting a premium on cloud size, the ceramic bowl option also means is a little more room for flavor exploration.­

If you’re ready to make the plunge, grab KandyPens OURA now at and make sure to use coupon code CNOW to get a nice 15% off.

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