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How CBD Can Be Used for Pelvic Pain and Pleasure

How CBD Can Be Used for Pelvic Pain and Pleasure
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How CBD Can Be Used for Pelvic Pain and Pleasure

New research shows cannabis has the potential to help women have better sex.

As cannabis consumption becomes normalized, and more cannabinoid-infused products hit the market, many are rediscovering the pleasure-inducing properties of this versatile plant.

The connection between cannabis and sex is nothing new. According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, The Vedas, cannabis was regularly consumed to boost both spiritual and sexual experiences. And today, approximately 68% of female cannabis consumers report that use of the plant enriches their sex lives, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Modern research has further proven this age-old remedy to be just as useful in the bedroom — and out of it, for that matter. Out of 133 women surveyed during annual OBGYN check-ups, according to another study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, more than 70% said cannabis increased erotic pleasure and more than 60% said it boosted libido or intensified orgasms.

Several studies have found that 60-70% of cannabis users report that the substance (whether CBD- or THC-infused) improves their sex lives, while additional research, including a 2018 study from Stanford researchers, finds regular cannabis consumers have more sex than their non-consuming counterparts.

The growing, widespread use of cannabis to enhance desire is attributed, in part, to its pain-relieving properties. But in addition to fighting pain and inflammation, cannabinoids appear to have the ability to ease muscle spasms and tension. And although smoking the herb is still the most popular way to use it — in and out of the bedroom — one company has pioneered some other, innovative methods of using cannabinoids to enhance intimacy and pleasure.

Awaken Your Senses With CBD

Foria, makers of the nation’s first cannabis-infused lube or “arousal oil,” has developed a line of CBD lubricants, suppositories and vape pens. The products are specifically developed with female-bodied people in mind and are made entirely with organic ingredients, including U.S.-grown hemp, so they’re available nationwide.

Awaken, the company’s hemp-based THC-free arousal oil, is made with a proprietary blend of botanicals, including Kava Kava, cinnamon, vanilla, cacao, ginger and peppermint. All the plants used in the formula are ingredients with long histories as traditional aphrodisiacs across cultures.

Foria’s arousal oils have proven effective for peri- and post-menopausal women whose sex lives have suffered as they aged. “Sex might not feel as good when the skin lining your vagina gets thinner and produces less lubrication,” explains Yale-educated biologist Genevieve R. Moore PhD, in a post for Foria. “Also, with fewer acid-producing lactobacilli, postmenopausal women are more susceptible to infections. To make matters worse, without estrogen, vaginas become densely innervated with pain-perceiving nerves and other nerves that further cut off the blood flow.”

Blood flow is the physiological basis of arousal. Impressively, cannabinoids like CBD help promote blood flow and relax blood vessels. Increase blood flow does amazing things, writes Moore: “Many women who use cannabinoids on their vulvas report stronger, more pleasurable orgasms, while others experience an overall boost in their sexual sensations.”

Anxiety, depression and stress are commonly cited causes for lack of libido. Foria Flow, a multi-botanical CBD vaporizer, helps to induce relaxation and enjoyment in a matter of minutes. The soothing, aromatic blend of plants includes 450mg of hemp, vanilla, cocoa and peppermint.

And Foria’s menstrual suppositories are 100% plant-based and made from broad spectrum hemp and organic cocoa butter. Each suppository can be used rectally or vaginally and brings 100mg of CBD to the site of pain and discomfort. Like all Foria products, each is independently tested for purity to ensure its free of any heavy metals, pesticides and solvents. In addition to providing potent botanical pain relief — some women have told Foria that they no longer need to take painkillers at all after using them — they also enhance intimacy, with a smooth, aromatic glide and CBD’s proven ability to get the blood flowing.

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