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Grinder Card by V Syndicate

A Snoop Dogg grinder card by V Syndicate

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Grinder Card by V Syndicate

Okay, suppose you’re out with your friends, and someone suggests that a joint be rolled. Your friend has the weed, another friend has the papers, but it turns out no one brought a grinder — they’re bulky, heavy, and obvious. Perhaps one of your friends starts tearing the bud by hand, resigned to a few minutes of menial labor before anyone can toke up.

Now suppose you have a Grinder Card by V Syndicate. You open your wallet, pull out a credit card-sized metal card, and go to work. The cards, which come with various handsome designs and inlays, work like a cheese grater, breaking buds into fine shake. Your friends gasp in astonishment: what is that thing?

But its “cool” factor aside, the best reason to get a Grinder Card is its ability to help keep your smoking habit discreet. Innocuous and unassuming, the card can prepare your favorite herb for smoking quickly and without drawing attention. The slick design is just a bonus.

First appeared in Issue 4 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

Click here to purchase / $8.99 – $10.99 each

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