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Tap That Ashtray

A white Tap That ashtray with the iconic bar across the top.

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Tap That Ashtray

Before we’d encountered the Tap That Ashtray, we would have been at a loss to say why the smokers of the world really needed a new kind of ashtray. But then, with a little bit of use, we began to see the advantages of using Tap That.

The company itself makes much of its rubber-coated stainless steel center bar, which is designed to cushion the blows of glass pipes tapped against it, so that no harm comes to the pipe. Trying it out, we found that we could bang our glass pipe as hard as we could against the steel bar without chipping or cracking it. Not only does the Tap That’s rubber base do a great job of dampening the sound, but there’s just an undeniable satisfaction to smacking one’s pipe across the bar.

The most useful feature is the Tap That’s deep ash reservoir, which does an admirable job of keeping wayward ash properly contained. After trying the Tap That, the Cannabis Now team began noticing how their old ashtrays tend to let ash scatter all over the place.

In the end, there’s just something nice about a group of smokers who set out to build a better ashtray and succeed.

First appeared in Issue 4 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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