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5 Smoking Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

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5 Smoking Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

These are our top choices for glass and vaporizers this holiday season.

Be it through a newfangled vaporizer or with a classic bong, there are more ways than ever to puff tough. Innovation continues to create new mediums for both those experiences that far surpass their predecessors. As dabs continue to move on to the digital age, it’s been tough for the butane salesmen. For the rest of us, it’s pretty awesome. Perfect low-temp dabs preserve the terpene profiles and, as vaporizers get better, the flavor continues to improve. 

1. Cannabis Now G Pen Vaporizer // $33

2. Davinci Micro Vaporizer/IQ Vaporizer // $198-$341

3. Session Goods Bong // $95

4. Ghost Vapes MV1 // $295

5. Session Goods Pipes // $30

Get all these items and more at the Cannabis Now Retail Store located at 8495 W. 3rd Street in Los Angeles.

Tell us, do you prefer vaping or smoking?

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