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Hits From The Bong: Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs on Cannabis Business

DJ Muggs
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Hits From The Bong: Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs on Cannabis Business

Like many seasoned advocates, DJ Muggs is optimistic about cannabusinesses and innovation, but also believes there is still a long way to go in righting the wrongs of criminalization.

As part of LA’s legendary hip-hop trio Cypress Hill, DJ Muggs is no stranger to cannabis. Along with his bandmates B-Real and Sen Dog, DJ Muggs directly impacted the scene by openly embracing cannabis culture on a mainstream platform through their music.

We caught up with DJ Muggs to discuss legalization in California, the national political climate and his involvement with the International Cannabis Business Conference that will be held in Berlin this week.

Cannabis Now: The legalization of recreational cannabis in California must feel like a long-awaited fantasy! How involved have you and Cyprus Hill been in establishing marijuana policy in the state?

DJ Muggs: We’ve been doing our part for the last 20 years so that cannabis would become legal… making sure that people don’t get locked up for it. We did a lot of work to make it culturally acceptable by popularizing its use. That’s the part we’ve been involved in.

How do you feel about California’s push to legalize recreational weed? Do you see areas for improvement?

Big corporations are getting involved and now they’re swabbing people’s mouths and giving them DUIs for marijuana. So, those things we don’t like, but there’s always a flipside. As long as those with medical needs are getting it, I’m happy about that.

How do you feel about new investors coming into the industry who never had an interest in cannabis before the legalization wave?

They are smart business people. Nobody should be mad at those people. And if people are mad at them because they didn’t get there first, that’s your fault. You need to get on point and go handle your business because that’s industry… it’s a growing industry in America.

You were once sent to jail for having a joint in your pocket. What’s your opinion on people who are still dealing with harsh legal penalties towards cannabis users in times past?

I would like to see everybody released who has cannabis-related charges. As far as I’m concerned, weed has always been legal to me since I’ve always gotten it whenever I needed it and wanted it. We still got a long way to go, but I don’t see it going back to not being legal, that’s for sure.

A lot of people are afraid given the anti-marijuana rhetoric in the U.S. Do you think the government make good on its threats for a federal crackdown?

That’s all rhetoric, Jeff Sessions… he’s just talking [and trying to] keep his core base in check by telling them what they want to hear.

Pivoting from politics, word has it that Cypress Hill will be merging weed and its legendary music in an upcoming product line, in conjunction with a new album, “Elephants on Acid” this September. What can fans expect?

The plans are still under wraps, but we’re definitely moving forward with some groundbreaking products and packaging… kinda reinventing the wheel. We will be coming from the health and wellness side being that we’re all into health and fitness. I’m a vegetarian. Everyone’s really into health as a crew, but we’ll also have stuff for the stoner side and from the music side.

You’re combining DJing skills and cannabis advocacy with the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) which is heading to Berlin this week. How did you become involved?

I really love what [ICBC CEO Alex Rogers] is doing. I think it’s great that people can come to learn about the business side of it from someone who is legit and cares about the culture and the people and brings really good people together.

If you want to know where cannabis is going, this is the premier event with great speakers. You’re gonna be well informed in a space with cutting-edge ideas and cutting-edge people. I’ll be DJing the party in Berlin, so I’ll be hanging out. I’m all about it.

DJ Muggs is will be playing at the ICBC conference after party in Berlin April 11-13. You can get your tickets here.

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