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Berlin Hosts the Next International Cannabis Business Conference

International Cannabis Business Conference
Tommy Chong at the 2017 ICBC. Photo Courtesy of ICBC

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Berlin Hosts the Next International Cannabis Business Conference

With attendees from over 40 countries, the 2018 International Cannabis Business Conference is set to be Europe’s cannabis networking event of the year.

Following its 2017 Berlin debut, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) returns to the city next week, promoting global cannabis networking and offering up industry insights, opportunities and investment prospects.

As cannabis continues to transform global policy, international law and economics, the traveling conference (which makes its way back to the Pacific Northwest later this year) has brokered millions of dollars in cannabis-related business thus far. It also offers industry leaders, business owners and those interested in the future of cannabis a chance to connect with a slew of investors, brands, strategic partners, activists, celebrities and more.

The upcoming ICBC conference at Berlin’s Maritim ProArte Hotel from April 11-13 will mirror its past events in Kauai and San Francisco. Attendees can expect a range of activities from cannabis company exhibitions, to panel discussions with industry operators, to receptions and DJ hosted networking parties.

The keynote speaker, columnist and musician Henry Rollins, is an avid supporter of cannabis legalization. Despite being a non-smoker, Rollins is stoked that the awareness of cannabis seems to be fighting off the decades-long War on Drugs misinformation campaign. Rollins warned ICBC attendees at a previous event about the pressing need for cultural responsibility in the industry.

“I told the audience, several hundred strong, that if they were just capitalists looking for the next thing to make a profit from, they were part of the problem,” he said in his LA Weekly column. “It’s this money-over-all-else ethic that destroyed the major record label industry, which has never recovered. It would be the ultimate defeat if the marijuana industry went the same way.”

Rollins’ opinion essentially defines what separates ICBC from the growing number of cannabis conferences taking place. Its international profile gives way to an all-encompassing conversation surrounding cannabis; the culture, history, and highest uses, rather than its mere commercial possibilities.

What to Expect at the International Cannabis Business Conference

Germany legalized medical marijuana in 2016 and while full legalization isn’t yet realized in the country, its Green Party is optimistic that the area will decriminalize cannabis soon enough. ICBC’s organizers are optimistic as well, stating, “…the ICBC is perfectly positioned to help capitalize on Germany’s new burgeoning cannabis market, which has the potential to be the second biggest canCnabis market in the world.”

“The last time I saw a market grow this fast, was fifteen years ago in California,” said ICBC founder and CEO Alex Rogers.

Plus, who could forget the after party? This year the International Cannabis Business Conference musical guest is DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill, who will be spinning a scorching mix on the dance floor. As always, the ICBC after party is free for all ICBC ticket holders.

Interested in attending? It’s not too late to get your tickets. Interested attendees can still purchase conference packages and VIP packages from ICBC’s website before April 10.

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