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Dear Dabby: Competitive Dabbing & The CBD Comedown

Competitive Dabbing and CBD Cannabis Now Magazine
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Dear Dabby: Competitive Dabbing & The CBD Comedown

Comedic cannabis icon Ngaio Bealum addresses competitive dabbing and whether or not CBD can help “bring down” an extreme high.

Dear Dabby,

What’s up with people taking 10 gram dabs? Competitive dabbing. So gross. — Piper Competitive

I agree. Giant dabs are a gross and expensive waste of perfectly good cannabis. A gram of good wax or shatter costs at least $35 bucks retail. Ten grams is at least $350. Ten grams will also knock you out for the rest of the day, and probably most of the next week. Why would anyone want to pay $350 dollars for a nap?

Listen, Americans love gluttony and excess. It’s just how we are. We have competitive eating contests, for crying out loud. The internet is full of fools smoking giant dabs. Some are admittedly a bit impressive: “Mountain Man” has a vid where he smokes 13.2 grams at once. It takes like 5 minutes. Wild.

Others are not so cool. Some people may think it’s funny, watching folks puke and vomit and pass out after smoking giants globs of cannabis wax, I just think it’s kind of dumb. There is a limit to how much THC a person can ingest, and smoking giant dabs and globs every day will make your brain and body incredibly THC tolerant, which will cause you to smoke more weed to maintain the same high, which will cost you more money.

Moderation in all things is the key to a healthy, happy and pleasantly stoned life.

Dear Dabby,

So, I just heard that some people are using high doses of CBD to counteract the effects of ingesting too much THC. Does this really work? — Oso Hyman

Good question. One of the things we know about cannabidiol (CBD) is that it acts as a sort of THC inhibitor. So when two cannabis strains have equal ammounts of THC, but high and low concentrations of CBD respectively, the one with lower CBD levels will get you “higher.”

No one has done any clinical studies yet, but there are many anecdotal reports of folks — especially those folks that enjoy smoking or dabbing cannabis concentrates or eating edibles — using either a sublingual CBD tincture or pills containing a high amount of CBD to assuage the effects of overindulgence.

In fact, my homie Grand Daddy Mike is currently working on a commercial CBD product designed to lessen the effects of THC in case of accidental (or intentional) cannabis overindulgence. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend using high CBD products as a magical “make yourself sober” pill. Generally speaking, only time (or the adrenaline jolt of being busted by an authority figure) is the only way to sober up. So don’t go around thinking you can smoke a bunch of dabs, eat a 200 mg THC brownie and just pop a few CBD pills to smooth out before you get behind the wheel of your car. Be a responsible drug user.

But, for real though, how cool would it be if there was a product out there that could counteract the effects of too much THC? Higher than giraffe boobies one minute, sober as a judge a few minutes later. Coming down from too much weed by using a different kind of weed seems counterintuitive, but it may be what the future holds.

You can’t do that with booze. Marijuana is awesome.

Originally published in Issue 24 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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