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Editor’s Note By Ellen Holland p.08
Letters / Contest p.13


Healing After the brought Lights Fade: How cannabis helped former All-Pro quarterback Jake Plummer recover from his time on the field. By Chris Roberts. p.36
TKO Gardens: Cultivators knocked out of medical ring in Washington state rise up for a recreational rematch. By Jimi Devine p.56 
Willie Nelson – Cannabis Icon: Join “Shotgun Willie” on his tour bus to discuss the message behind his music and how it dovetails into liberating the leaf. By Ricardo Baca p.68
100 Best Dispensaries in America: Cannabis Now explores the best places across the nation to get ganja. p.86


Dear Dabby: Stoner comedian, MC and writer Ngaio Bealum addresses the strange sport of competitive dabbing and whether or not CBD can really mellow an extreme high. By Ngaio Bealum p.14
Damien Marley’s Stony Hill: Bob Marley’s youngest son jumps into legal cannabis. By Ricardo Baca p.18
Q-Tip Tech: Learn about the basic tools necessary to attain premium terps at low temps. By Greg Zeman p.26
Glass Profile – Annealed Innovations: Explore these unique art pieces that bring colorful cartoon imagery to life. By Jimi Devine p.32
Shaping Up with Sinsemilla: How to properly incorporate marijuana into your fitness routine for the new year. By Sylvie Boland p.34
Humboldt Fights to Survive: As prices plummet and knockoffs proliferate, a new Humboldt Sun Growers Guild emerges. By Caitlin Podiak p.42
Luxury Paraphernalia: The most decadent offerings on the market to bring indulgence into your cannabis lifestyle. By Cannabis Now


Q&A: Mark Emery: The Canadian outlaw activist takes us along on his stoney travels across the globe. By Owen Poindexter p.25
Puritanical Roots: In light of a restrictive history with intoxicants, Pennsylvania moves gradually forward with medical marijuana. By Kristen Gwynne p.50


Marijuana Migrations: How pot growers are adapting to a changing climate. By Dave Carpenter p.21
History of Chem: Delve into the history behind one of the world’s most prolific strains. By Rick Pfrommer  p.64 
Garden – Willie’s Reserve: Independent farmers are growing Willie Nelson’s dankest offerings. By Julia Clark-Riddell p.74


How to Make Dry Ice Kief: Join grow master Jorge Cervantes in preserving your trichomes for a premium smoke. p.29
Using Cannabis to Treat Depression: Finding the right strain for positive mental progress. By Sara Payan p.53
Concentrated Genuis: Cannabis extraction technology surges to meet consumer demand. By Dave Carpenter p.82
Print Your Own Paraphernalia: 3-D printed bongs and accoutrement attract hobbyists and startups. By Ellen Holland p.66
Raw Cannabinoids Bring Their “A” Game: Unearthing the healing potential of THCA and CBDA. By Timothy Anderson p.96
Mechoulam’s Message: Father of medical cannabis Dr. Raphael Mechoulam writes us about cannabis for autism. By Ellen Holland p.110


Strain Review Scooby Snacks: Potent strain unmasks the craft of fine cannabis cultivation. By Greg Zeman p.46
Vape Pens with Cannabis and Extra Flavor: Marijuana is being infused with all kinds of essential oils to boost the vaping experience. By David Downs p.101
5 Best Pot Podcasts: The best podcasts to keep informed and keep entertained with all things cannabis. By Susan Cohen p.105
Bud Lover Blockbusters: A new year means a new batch of winter flicks to flick your joint to. Reviewed by K. Astre p.111
Warm Winter Offerings: The perfect recipes for staying toasty and toasted. By Laurie and Maryjane p.114
Stocking Your Highbrary: Highlighting some of our best book reviews to get you on the path towards compiling your own Encyclopedia Weed-Tanica. p.116
High Note: The infamous Gorilla Glue #5 By Greg Zeman p.119

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