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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #5

A cluster of bright green Gorilla Glue #5 plants rise up against a white background.
Photo courtesy Sam McGuire/RB26


Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #5

Gorilla Glue #4 is an undisputed people’s champ in the competitive NorCal cannabis market. Could a new remix on this established favorite be the next big thing?

It’s practically impossible to overstate the popularity of Gorilla Glue #4; its unique pungency and first-class effects have won the strain gold medals at major cannabis cups and the earnest affection of millions of cannabis aficionados. On little more than word of mouth, its reputation has climbed higher than King Kong on the Empire State building, which is roughly how elevated you’ll be from just one or two hits of this much-loved monster.

Apart from Girl Scout Cookies (the undisputed people’s champ of the moment) and OG Kush — the ubiquitous cornerstone of most kush crosses and a timeless classic — no other strain enjoys GG#4’s current national popularity.

So it’s easy to understand why bud lovers are eager to meet the latest incarnation of this favored flavor: Gorilla Glue #5, a cross of the widely shared and highly prized #4 phenotype and the lesser-known #1 pheno from Gorilla Glue breeder GG Strains.

Grayson Miller, president of the cultivation company RB26, says his close relationship with GG Strains got him access to this new cut, which is being shared much more selectively than the widely-distributed GG#4. Part of the motivation for that controlled release of the new pheno is a desire for increased exclusivity, but he said it’s also a bit difficult to cultivate.

“It’s a much more advanced strain to grow,” he said. “People love the number-four cause it’s hardy and relatively easy to grow. The number-five is much harder to dial in nutrition-wise — it’s a little finicky — but the results are incredible.”

One primary advantage of the number-five pheno over its predecessor was deliberately engineered by the breeder: reduced stretch during flower.

Miller said the new pheno has a stockier, shorter stance with increased lateral branching that is thicker and more supportive.

“That number-four grows almost double its height when you flip it from veg to flower,” he said. “A lot of people over-do the vegetative stage on the Gorilla Glue, not realizing how big it will get in flower.”

He added that those flowers are already making a big impression on the lucky few who’ve tried them through RB26’s primary distributor, Canna Cruz in Santa Cruz, California.

“The dense golf ball-sized nugs pack even more pungency than the number-four pheno, which is hard to believe, I know.” he said. “We hear back from Canna Cruz, and almost all the people who try the number-five say it’s as good, if not better, than the number-four.”

It remains to be seen if this new GG pheno will enjoy the widespread celebrity status of GG#4, but with its winning genetics and established family reputation, it’s certainly a strong possibility.

Originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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