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Dads & Grads: The Perfect Pot Gift Purchase Guide for June


Dads & Grads: The Perfect Pot Gift Purchase Guide for June

This is a special time of year. Once June rolls around, it’s everyone’s chance to start getting ready for summer. But, first the celebrations — and gifts for dads and grads!

With Father’s Day around the corner and graduation ceremonies happening throughout the month, it’s good to start getting your gift-giving plans in order.

The Handbook of Cannabis 

Readers, thinkers and learners will love this information-heavy, dictionary-sized book. It’s packed with an encyclopedic collection of up-to-date medical and scientific research on cannabis, and although it definitely wouldn’t be categorized as light reading, its relevancy right now makes it a particularly useful read — especially as more states are on the verge of decriminalization, medical use and adult-use. Be prepared for lots of biochemical and clinical terms as well as an abundance of technical content.

Bhang Black Vape 

Beside being well known among consumer and those in the industry, this brand has a reputation for making high quality cannabis products and their black label vapes are no different. You can find strain-specific cartridges with all of the information right there on the package, eliminating any confusion about exactly what’s going in being consumed. Plus, there is no glycol or glycerin in the cartridges — just pure, lab tested cannabis oil free from microbials, pesticides, residual solvents and other contaminants.


When you want to show your love, appreciation and pride for someone, you bring them flowers. It’s a simple but meaningful gesture, full of beauty and intentionality that can really light up their day and bring a smile to their face. Especially when you pick out just the right kind of flowers — cannabis buds, to be exact. There’s nothing like giving the gift of a new strain that you know they’ll love. Go for something uplifting and energizing to complement the mood of the day or offer someone mellow for an evening sesh after everything has died down.

Book: Roll Up, Roll Up

Turn an amateur into a budding professional with this illustrated book that shows step-by-step guides to creatively rolling up. The collection lists joints in ascending size and difficulty, from the standard joint all the way through the multi-pronged monstrosity called “the Scorpion.” Beginners can start with the basics, like joints with crutches, and harness their skills before graduating to more complicated structures. This is a good choice for someone who you know smokes a lot and has a lot of cannabis — and patience — to practice their new hobby.

Somatik Coffee 

Coffee and cannabis lovers, rejoice! Two of your favorite things have come together to make your mornings [or afternoons…or late nights] that much better. Made with organic, cold brew coffee from San Francisco-based company Ritual Coffee and 15 mg of THC from a clear hash oil, Somatik is the right balance to have you feeling lifted without any of the sleepy side effects that may come along with the usual wake and bake. Unfortunately, Somatik is only sold in California right now but there may be similar or comparable products in a dispensary in your area.

Subscription to Cannabis Now Magazine

What better gift for the bud lover in your life than a gift that keeps on giving? You already know that Cannabis Now provides world-class content — from gourmet edible recipes to in-depth features on the expanding industry and expansive culture of cannabis — we share everything worth knowing about this incredible plant; why not share that with someone you love? Right now you can get half-off the newsstand price per issue with a one-year subscription, so for the regular price of one you can get one for the dad or grad in your life and one for yourself.

TELL US, what’s your favorite cannabis gift?

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