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Bhang Black Vapes Offer Refined, Solvent-Free Flavor

Bhang is largely known for its award-winning edibles, is also one of the premium producers of quality vape cartridges.
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Bhang Black Vapes Offer Refined, Solvent-Free Flavor

In the oversaturated cannabis concentrate cartridge market, it can be challenging to find a reliably potent and flavorful product. But if you’re looking for a sure thing, bet on black — Bhang Black.

There’s no shortage of companies trying to cash in on the still-growing “vape pen” trend, but few come from a brand with the prestige and name recognition of Bhang.

The company, though largely known for its award-winning edibles, is also one of the premium producers of quality vape cartridges. Their top offering is the Black Private Reserve cartridges, which boast 100 percent-pure CO2-extracted cannabis oil that tests 70 to 90 percent THC.

The multi-step CO2 extraction process preserves the natural, strain-specific flavors of the Humboldt-grown cannabis — the line offers a constant rotation of best-selling strain favorites like Gorilla Glue #4. Thanks to minimal processing (isolating the natural terpenes and re-adding them — and nothing else — to the super-pure oil) the end product is a natural-tasting expression of the source material’s flavor profile.

There is no glycol or glycerin in the cartridges, just the pure cannabis oil that’s been lab tested for microbials, pesticides, residual solvents and other contaminants. The test results for all cannabinoids and the strain information appear on the packaging for the cartridge, making it the antidote to the “mystery oil” sold by some other cartridge companies.

The wickless, leak-resistant design of the hardware features American-made dual coils, engineered for optimum performance with one of Bhang’s improved stylus or push-button battery units.

The cartridges we tried offered robust, faithful expressions of their source strains and provided strong, reliable medication thank to the relatively high potency of the oil. The vapor was smoother and more natural-tasting than cartridges that utilize thinning agents, but the unit was also very productive, offering thick, milky clouds of vapor reminiscent of cool smoke.

For those looking for a slightly less potent expression of the same pure cannabis oil, the brand’s Pure Oil line offers 60 to 70 percent cannabinoid concentration, but we found the Black line to be just the right strength for grabbing a good buzz on the go.

The strain-specific offerings are sure to please those with a connoisseur’s palate for terpenes, but the categorization into sativa and indica dominant or hybrid also offers a rough guide for those still dialing in their favorite suite of effects.

There’s lots of options out there when it comes to portable oil vaporizers, but few that offer the level of care and quality found in the remarkable cartridges offered by Bhang in its Black Private Reserve line.

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