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LISTEN: Scooby Doobs, Where Are You?

Photo Martin Clifford @NorthwestGreensPhoto


LISTEN: Scooby Doobs, Where Are You?

Regardless of the comical origins of its name, Scooby Snacks is a strain that begs to be taken seriously.

A masterful cross between Forum Cut Girls Scout Cookies and Dog Walker OG, the snacks is some of the most tantalizing cannabis we’ve sampled in a while. It’s no mystery why it’s become a cult favorite among the discerning cannoisseurs of the Pacific Northwest — its complex citrus funk is singular and severe.

In the Scooby Snacks strain review featured in Issue 24, Cannabis Now editor Greg Zeman — a particularly stringent cannabis critic — heaps high praise on the strain’s uniquely overpowering aroma and robust flavor profile:

Each inhale from my favorite glass pipe tantalizes my tongue with a complex suite of distinct flavors. A subtle but unmistakable sweet kush pungency provides a smooth but assertive canvas for the interplay of several simultaneously competing and complimentary threads…

It’s not even enough to say that it’s like smoking a masterpiece symphony or a Renaissance painting. From the moment you open the bag to the last euphoric second of your sensory explosion, it’s like holding a pool of the glistening viscera of the entire cosmos in your palms and splashing your face inside with eyes wide open.

Listen to this audio adaptation of that article, then pick up the print issue to learn more about Scooby Snacks and further explore the many facets of the world of cannabis: Issue 24 includes a wealth of content, including a behind-the-greens look at the farm that grows Willie Nelson’s marijuana stash and Ricardo Baca’s in-person chat with Shotgun Willie himself.

Written and performed by our editor Greg Zeman. Recorded and produced for Cannabis Now by Max Savage Levenson of The Hash.

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