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Connect with Professionals & Grow Your Business at the Cannabis Drinks Expo

Cannabis Drinks Expo
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Connect with Professionals & Grow Your Business at the Cannabis Drinks Expo

The Cannabis Drinks Expo promises to be the biggest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals to date.

According to a report from Zenith Global, the local cannabis-infused beverage market is predicted to reach US 1.4 billion by 2024. If you’re interested in claiming a piece of the market, you need to be at the Cannabis Drinks Expo, hosted by the Beverage Trade Network.

Held over two days in San Francisco on July 30, followed by Chicago on August 3, the second annual Cannabis Drinks Expo will connect you with like-minded professionals committed to growing the cannabis industry.

The event promises to be the biggest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals to date, bringing together producers, manufacturers, brand owners, distilleries and brewers, as well as networking opportunities with political and legal analysts, medical researchers and brand owners from other industries. Get the latest market forecasts and hear directly from the influential professionals who have helped to launch a young, dynamic new market. 

The overarching theme of the Cannabis Drinks Expo is bottom lines and growing businesses. So, if you’re a brand owner, distillery or brewery looking for an on-ramp into the U.S. cannabis industry, this event will provide you with the perfect platform for growth.

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, the Cannabis Drinks Expo will be a great place for you to find your route to the market. It will help you learn how to work with the traditional drinks industry, whether it’s producers, importers, distributors, retailers, restaurants or bars and hotels. If you are looking for new partners to enter a new niche or sector, this is the place to be.

In addition to the trade show floor, there will be a business conference. As part of this conference, leading speakers from the cannabis industry will share their insights and analysis about how to create, grow and develop an exciting new consumer market.

Speakers at the event include Sam Collins, Chief Marketing Officer of Bhang Corporation; Eric Becker, Director of MadisonJay Solutions; Neal Levine, CEO of Cannabis Trade Federation; Adam Ross, Cannabis Environmental and Food/Beverage Specialist; and Josh Lizotte, CEO and Co-Founder of Rebel Coast Winery.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo also covers key issues surrounding the likelihood and timescale for legalization to other countries, as well as the impact of legalized cannabis on the traditional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks markets.

Already, the sheer scope of innovation within the cannabis drinks sector has been phenomenal, with everything from energy drinks to beers and infused wines hitting the market.

If you have an exciting new idea for a new cannabis drink or are curious about the ways that your distillery, winery or brewery can get involved in the cannabis industry, the Cannabis Drinks Expo needs to be on your calendar for 2020.

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