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Canna-Business Set to Shine in Las Vegas Trade Show

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada
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Canna-Business Set to Shine in Las Vegas Trade Show

Industry and advocacy are set to converge in Las Vegas later this month at the fourth annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo.

The event, put on by Marijuana Business Daily, will take place from November 11 through 13 and boasts a lineup of speakers from many sectors of the cannabis industry including cultivation, politics and retail sales.

For Marijuana Business Daily Publisher George Jage, the upcoming event represents an opportunity for investors, employees and business owners to demonstrate that they are a part of a legitimate industry, with real ideas and innovations at a real trade show. Jage explains that while the daily site devoted to cannabis business news began in 2011, it wasn’t until 2014 when the conversation around cannabis businesses shifted from what “could and might become” to what “can and will.” Today, he says, canna-business is hitting the part of a hockey stick where the growth curve goes vertical.

“In five years from now people are going to look back at this event and talk about how small it was,” he says.

The upcoming show boasts a network of 4,000 cannabis professionals, more than 50 speakers and an expo hall filled with vendors. A highlight, Jage says, will be hearing from Marijuana Business Daily’s Managing Editor Chris Walsh. Walsh has been covering the cannabis business industry for five years and has a “phenomenal” knowledge of the information cannabis professionals need to help their businesses grow, he says. In addition, Jage is looking forward to the keynote address by consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

For Jage the upcoming event will give attendees the chance to meet people, exchange ideas and network face-to-face in a day and age where the majority of conversations take place through technology.

“You feel a sense of belonging at each event,” he says, noting that another focus of the trade show is a drive to show business owners that, in operating a cannabis business, they should also be involved with advocacy efforts alongside their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Do you think cannabis and trade shows will become more mainstream? Share with us in the comments.

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