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Best Scary Movies to Watch When You’re High

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Best Scary Movies to Watch When You’re High

If you’re planning to spend your Halloween watching horror movies and getting high, here are five sure-bets for a frighteningly good time!

The Halloween season is a time for many traditions. Some, like finding a costume, are timeless, while others, like the annual marketing blitz for products featuring pumpkin spice, are more difficult to decipher. One thing that is definitively October, however, is the occasionally stressful pastime of getting together with loved ones to watch some scary movies—especially when you’re stoned.

Sure, watching a zombie disembowel something can be unpleasant, but the toughest part? That’s usually having to decide which horror films will grace your television screen. From classic Universal monster flick to the latest installments of the “Halloween” and “Saw” franchises, the options we have when it comes to picking scary movies can seem downright limitless. Fortunately, Cannabis Now has you covered with a curated list of sure-fire winners for spooky season.

Compiled under the assumption that you plan to infuse your Halloween night with some THC, the films below run the gamut from gory gross-outs to campy musicals. By turns delightful and terrifying, these are movies that will scare you silly but which also pair well with cannabis in one way or another. Now it’s time to turn off the lights and see what’s down in the basement…

Monster Movie That’s Also a Great Musical: “Little Shop of Horrors” (1986)

In the pantheon of iconic horror movie villains, there should be one pot of soil reserved for Audrey II. The plot of “Little Shop of Horrors” finds the hapless Seymour matching wits with a blood-thirsty plant who likes to eat and can also belt a mean tune. Featuring memorable turns from stars Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene, it’s a young Steve Martin who ultimately shines brightest as a demented dentist. The film is also packed with catchy tunes and some truly visionary work from director (and voice of Yoda) Frank Oz, making this campy cult classic a great pick for those who prefer singalongs to jump scares.

You Cannot Be High Enough for This: “Anaconda” (1997)

Believe it or not, the giant snake that repeatedly tries to eat stars Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez for nearly 90 minutes is not the scariest part of this movie. That honor belongs to Jon Voight, who is indescribably creepy as a snake hunter offered a lift home by a documentary crew trying to capture footage of an elusive Indigenous tribe on the banks of the Amazon. The only problem is a murderous anaconda that seems to be whatever length suits it best, depending on the scene. If you decide to treat yourself to this insanity, just get ready to bear witness to the most unsettling wink in the history of film. “Anaconda” is not a top contender for the most realistic movie ever made, but that doesn’t make the prospect of watching Owen Wilson and Danny Trejo battle with a gigantic CGI snake one iota less amazing.

Space is Freaking Scary: “Event Horizon” (1997)

If you’re in the mood for something truly scary, try traveling to the most terrifying place of all: space. In “Event Horizon,” a crew captained by Laurence Fishburne is sent to explore a seemingly abandoned starship that has mysteriously reappeared after vanishing seven years prior. Things start off okay, but before too long, Fishburne’s crew begins to see people who aren’t there while also uncovering some pretty disturbing details about where the Event Horizon may have been during its absence. If you only know Sam Neill from “Jurassic Park,” get ready to see a whole new side to him in this underrated gem. Fair warning: this movie is really scary!

Stoner Comedy Disguised as a Horror Movie: “Idle Hands” (1999)

If the prospect of consuming cannabis and watching a horror film doesn’t do the trick, why not get high and then watch a scary movie where weed is a central part of the plot? “Idle Hands” casts Devon Sawa as the most stereotypical stoner imaginable. Not only does he wear a pipe made from a converted asthma inhaler around his neck at all times, but his laziness is so extreme that his hand becomes possessed by the devil and proceeds to go on a killing spree. While “Idle Hands” definitely indulges in its fair share of violence, this is a story that is definitely being played for laughs. Thus, if you love the vibe of ’90s teen classics like “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “She’s All That,” this is the horror film for you. It even has Seth Green in it!

Too Lazy to Change the Channel: “Grindhouse” (2007)

Perhaps your ideal Halloween involves moving as little as possible. If inertia is your love language, you can get two movies for half the effort with the unique 2007 double-feature “Grindhouse.” Combining Robert Rodriguez’s zombie attack flick “Planet Terror” with Quentin Tarantino’s car-chase happy “Death Proof,” this dual ode to the exploitation films of the 1970s even includes a number of fictitious trailers for other, similar movies. They’re so good that after “Grindhouse” was released in 2007, two of the fake trailers (“Machete,” “Hobo with a Shotgun”) were ultimately turned into real films. Before you try those, however, check out “Grindhouse” to enjoy nearly 200 minutes of mayhem, including Kurt Russell driving to kill and Rose McGowan wielding a machine gun leg.

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