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Weed in Space: The Final Frontier

NASA expolores gardening on the moon with Moon Express | Cannabis Now Magazine

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Weed in Space: The Final Frontier

NASA has recently announced plans to grow plants, including basil and turnips, on the moon. By teaming up with with the Moon Express Lander, a privately owned commercial space company, NASA plans to send a sealed growth chamber designed to contain seeds as well nutrient enriched paper and enough air and water to grow plants on the lunar surface.

This revelation, along with the successful launch of 99 cannabis seeds, one plant and one joint into space by California seed company Seed Hub in June, begs the question: When will weed make it to space?

“Space is a challenging world for all living things, including humans,” NASA biologist Robert Bowman said. “Besides weightlessness, there are many other aspects of life that we take for granted here on earth that do not apply in space. If there is no up and down, then how will plants know where to put their roots?”

NASA’s experiment will test the effects of lunar gravity and lunar radiation on plant growth. In space no sovereign nation has jurisdiction thus, as a practical matter, weed is legal. Also, as a practical matter, run-ins with the Space Police have historically been rare. One can always dream that cannabis seeds will be next in line for experimentation in interplanetary agriculture.

Tell us in the comments below, do you think cannabis will become a part of the latest space race?

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