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The Top 10 Strains for Your Halloween Weekend


The Top 10 Strains for Your Halloween Weekend

Put away the tried-and-true buds that get smoked on any regular night and pull out some of these cool strains with some fittingly creepy names.

Whether the plan is to stay inside the warm house on a comfortable couch or head outside to see what shenanigans are waiting, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared with some strains to help put everyone in the holiday spirit. Put away the tried-and-true buds that get smoked on any regular night and pull out some of these cool strains with some fittingly creepy names.

Dragon’s Breath
What’s better than feeling happy, relaxed and euphoric? This sativa-dominant hybrid strain leaves smokers with a gentle, clear high that may be helpful with warding off pain, depression and anxiety. It’s a cross between Jack Herer and Northern Lights, two strains known for their distinctive cerebral effects.

This energetic, uplifting sativa strain has an earthy, nutty flavor profile with a fresh fruit smell. The dense, bright green buds are characterized by their beautiful, crystal trichomes and are known for zapping stress and fatigue making it a smart choice for a jam-packed night of high-energy festivities.

Zombie OG
For anyone looking for a good strain to utilize during scary movie marathons over the weekend, a nice indica like Zombie OG is perfect for quality time spent on the couch. It has a heavily sedative high that works well with low-key activities that don’t require too much movement. Be prepared to feel sleepy, happy, hungry and a bit giggly.

Killer Queen
Killer Queen is a stimulating blend of G-13 and Cinderella 99. Although this sativa-dominant hybrid has a more invigorating high, the effects are hard-hitting and pleasantly intense with effects that mellow out after awhile.

Black Widow
High THC is the name of the game for this strain dubbed as White Widow’s evil twin. The hybrid strain has similar effects as its more popular sibling with a balance of sativa and indica. It’s euphoric and uplifting but can still leave smokers feeling relaxed and sleepy.

Green Goblin
This dank, skunky sativa has pretty, dark green buds with little orange hairs all over. Green Goblin is a cross of Northern Lights and Skunk #1, strains that are good for dealing with stress. The high is nice and dreamy with some relaxing body effects that linger even after the head buzz has gone away.

Jack the Ripper
Warning: this deceptively strong creeper weed will put smokers in a reflective, meditative mood despite its happy and energizing characteristics. It has a lemony, citrus smell with a sweet taste. Consider this potent sativa strain as a way to end the night after hours of running around town in full costume.

Deadhead OG
With a strong, pungent aroma, Deadhead OG is a robust hybrid strain that leave smokers feeling creative and stress-free. It’s a hybrid of Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG Kush and has a earthy, pine taste. The high provides a nice balance between physical and cerebral effects, which range from light body tingles to spacy thoughts.

Ghost Train Haze
Low doses of this strain are great for creativity and concentration but higher doses may leave smokers feeling a little hazy. It works great for pain and depression, but this hard-hitting sativa strain isn’t recommended for smokers who deal with symptoms related to anxiety.

Consider this indica strain the perfect way to put an end to a night full of fun. It has a lemony scent with an earthy, citrus flavor. The high is incredibly calming with sleepy effects paired with a deep body relaxation. After an evening of partying and filling up on sugar, this strain is sure to help summon the sweetest of Halloween dreams.

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