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40 Under 40: The Superstars, Power Players and Top Cannapreneurs

40 Under 40

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40 Under 40: The Superstars, Power Players and Top Cannapreneurs

40 Under 40: The Superstars, Power Players and Top Cannapreneurs

Cannabis Now’s inaugural “40 Under 40” special issue celebrates the most influential leaders in the cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Now “40 under 40” honorees for 2022 have collectively moved the needle in some significant way in the US impacting millions of prospective consumers.

Be they artists, politicians, marketers or business executives, the honorees embody their generation’s all-in approach to cannabis: There’s no time like the present.

Given the work ethic and passion on display on this list, the future of cannabis looks bright indeed.

Read on to learn why these superstars, power players and cannapreneurs earned a place on our 40 Under 40 honorees in 2022.

Berner on Fire: Cookies & Dough

With Berner’s big New York City moves, the mogul turns towards the future. READ MORE.

Oh, To Be Wiz Khalifa

The busiest celebrity cannabis CEO is focused on the prize. READ MORE.

Brett Stevens Lights It Up

As Fohse earns the no.19 ranking of fastest-growing private companies, the lighting juggernaut’s leader says he’s just getting started. READ MORE.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The youngest woman serving in the US Congress has also been a fervent cannabis advocate. READ MORE.

Ankur Rungta

After cutting his teeth as a corporate lawyer and investment banker in New York City, Rungta applied that knowledge to cannabis. READ MORE.

Kassandra Frederique

Frederique is the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a national nonprofit organization that works to end the War on Drugs. READ MORE.

Jared Mirsky

Mirsky has been crafting, creating and cultivating cannabis brands since launching his award-winning advertising agency in 2009. READ MORE.

Jessica Gonzalez

Cannabis and trademark attorney Gonzalez became New Jersey’s first cannabis professor in 2021. READ MORE.

Alex Levine

Just a teenager when he first started working in legal cannabis back in 2010, Levine has spent his entire professional career in the cannabis industry. READ MORE.

Alexander Farnsworth

The 30-year-old cannapreneur calls his weed store “a museum for marijuana, a palace for pot and a chapel for cannabis.” READ MORE.

Steve Cantwell

The 35-year-old former UFC fighter says he’s living his best life as an innovative grower in Nevada’s legal cannabis industry. READ MORE.

Hillary Peckham

Uplifting the voices of women in cannabis is an important part of Etain’s presence in the space. READ MORE.

Calvin Johnson

Simply put, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was among the NFL’s elite in part because of cannabis. READ MORE.

Ross Lipson

Dutchie is the highest-flying software company in legal weed, with a $3.8 billion valuation just five
years after the company’s launch. READ MORE.

Stephen Murphy

When his company first launched, there were 10 legal markets globally. There are now more than 40. READ MORE.

Jason Washington

For Washington, it’s about the medicinal value and the positive impact the plant can make in people’s lives. READ MORE.

Erik Altieri 

Erik Altieri is the youngest-ever executive director of NORML. READ MORE.

Kevin Durant

Durant represents thousands of athletes who span a multitude of professional sports across the country using cannabis to deal with both the physical and mental challenges of playing at the highest level. READ MORE.

Kevin Kuethe

Kuethe predicts that companies in the cannabis space with the best technology will continue to succeed. READ MORE.

Allie Cassidy

Oregon-based Allie Cassidy has built her adult-use and CBD farm TKO Reserve into one of the state’s most ballyhooed brands. READ MORE.

Mary Bailey

Mary Bailey is dedicated to fighting for those who have been wronged by the criminalization of cannabis. READ MORE.

Leo Gontmakher

Gontmakher believes the value of being a true leader in cannabis is pushing forward into the unknown. READ MORE.

Alisia Ratliff

From the onset of working in the cannabis industry, Ratliff knew she needed to help people. READ MORE.

Luke Anderson

The co-creator of Cann Social Tonics describes himself as previously canna-curious, but now a convert. READ MORE.

Bella Thorne

The Disney child star turned cannapreneur credits cannabis for completely changing her life. READ MORE.

Karson Humiston

Humiston founded Vangst, the cannabis industry’s leading recruiting platform. READ MORE.

Mona Zhang

Zhang is the cannabis policy reporter for the massive news and political website, Politico. READ MORE.

Chad Bronstein

Having raised more than $100 million across the three successful corporate entities, Bronstein is determined to leave his footprint on the industry. READ MORE.

Roger Volodarsky

The Puffco founder is on a mission to make the highest level of consumption devices. READ MORE.

Mary Pryor

Pryor is a powerhouse and a leading voice in the cannabis social equity arena. READ MORE.

Victoria Plummer

Plummer sees her involvement in cannabis as an opportunity to help destigmatize the plant. READ MORE.

Julia Jacobson

Jacobson is dedicated to intentionality, transparency and organic cannabis farming practices. READ MORE.

Jacob Plowden

Plowden co-created the Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA), a New York City-based nonprofit helping marginalized individuals, typically people of color, transition to the legal market. READ MORE.

Fabian Monaco

Monaco’s extensive experience in capital markets has led Gage dispensaries to stratospheric success. READ MORE.

Shaleen Title

The attorney and longtime drug policy advocate is determined to make the cannabis space more inclusive. READ MORE.

Thomas Winstanley

The marketing expert has led the growth of one of Massachusetts’ largest dispensary chains. READ MORE.

Seth Rogen

The actor, writer, producer and director has been regarded as one of Tinseltown’s most notable weed aficionados. READ MORE.

Tom Angell

Tom Angell is arguably one of the most informed and respected resources for all things cannabis policy. READ MORE.

Nadir Pearson

The founder of SMART is on a mission to build an ecosystem of equity-minded industry leaders. READ MORE.

Jun S. Lee & Vince Ning

The founders of Nabis, the leading weed wholesale platform in California, cut their tech teeth in some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. READ MORE.

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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