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40 Under 40: Seth Rogen

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40 Under 40: Seth Rogen

The actor, writer, producer and director has been regarded as one of Tinseltown’s most notable weed aficionados.

Seth Rogen is Hollywood’s favorite—and, arguably, most famous—stoner. Since the massive success of his iconic movie, Pineapple Express in 2008, the actor, writer, producer and director has been regarded as one of Tinseltown’s most notable weed aficionados.

But for Rogen, cannabis is no joke. His passion has become his business and he’s using his platform to promote the herb focusing on education, advocacy and equity with his company, Houseplant.

In 2019, Rogen and his long-time creative collaborator Evan Goldberg, created Houseplant, a cannabis lifestyle brand made with quality flower and features accessories with a modern retro aesthetic. Houseplant offers a wide range of signature sativa, indica and hybrid genetics and a requisite line of pre-rolls.

Houseplant has introduced a new “By Seth” collection that features covetable ceramic pieces made by Rogen himself (a new passion for the actor) and an accompanying range of stylish smoking products for discerning tokers. The range includes tabletop lighters and rolling trays.

Houseplant launched in California with a cool new rebrand to differentiate it from its Canadian
counterpart. New York City-based design studios MA-MA and Pràctica were brought on to collab on the project and the finished project was stackable containers that resemble the iconic Lego bricks.

But Houseplant isn’t all Hollywood ceramics and sleek design. The destigmatizing of cannabis is something that Rogen is highly passionate and vocal about. To that end, social advocacy is a significant factor at Houseplant. To ensure a diverse and equitable cannabis industry, Houseplant offers programs and partnerships to build community empowerment.

The brand also uses its platform to provide education and advocacy to serve the communities in which they operate. Through partnerships with Black Lives Matter, Cage-Free Cannabis and the Marijuana Policy Project, Rogen and the team at Houseplant highlight the human cost of prohibition and push for a just and equitable approach to cannabis across the country.

Policy reform is high on the agenda, too. Houseplant works with policymakers, advocates, drug policy experts and others to discuss the future of cannabis policy and help repair the harms of the War on Drugs.

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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