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40 Under 40: Julia Jacobson

40 Under 40: Julia Jacobson

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40 Under 40: Julia Jacobson

Jacobson is dedicated to intentionality, transparency and organic cannabis farming practices.

Julia Jacobson is as passionate about her plants as she is about supporting social justice in the cannabis industry. The tech startup founder turned cannabis farm co-founder is the CEO of Aster Farms, a sustainable craft cannabis company that uses sustainable agricultural practices known as regenerative farming.

What sets Aster Farms apart from other NorCal cannabis farms is the company’s unique terroir and dedication to intentionality, transparency and organic practices.

Using live-soil and organic inputs, Aster Farms, Jacobson says, grows clean cannabis the way it’s meant to be, under the sun, moon and stars, for a clean, tasty high.

After graduating with honors from Brown University, she eventually became a tech entrepreneur and co-founded NMRKT, and became its CEO. Jacobson and husband, Samuel Ludwig, relocated from the East Coast to California and began transitioning from the corporate world to cannabis growers.

In 2016, along with their friend Noah Cornell, they launched Aster Farms.

“Cannabis isn’t going anywhere,” Jacobson said. “The current state of the industry is volatile, but it has a bright future. Aster Farms is part of that big future.”

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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