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40 Under 40: Alexander Farnsworth

40 Under 40: Alexander Farnsworth

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40 Under 40: Alexander Farnsworth

The 30-year-old cannapreneur calls his weed store “a museum for marijuana, a palace for pot and a chapel for cannabis.”

A leader in legal weed’s LGBTQ+ community, Alexander Farnsworth owns and operates a namesake posh and boutique dispensary in the heart of Great Barrington, MA, the East Coast’s answer to dispensary heaven.

The Farnsworth Fine Cannabis Store has the goods to back it up: Inside, shoppers can find vintage smoking accessories from Hermès, Cartier, DuPont and Tiffany’s, along with special artist commissions, crystal pipes, limited edition bongs and one-of a-kind items such as Jack Kerouac’s desk lighter.

“My mission is to put this magical plant on a pedestal and help people understand its value both as a healing medicine and a luxury product that can be savored. I believe it’s time to give cannabis the setting it deserves.”

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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