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40 Under 40: Stephen Murphy

40 Under 40: Stephen Murphy

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40 Under 40: Stephen Murphy

When his company first launched, there were 10 legal markets globally. There are now more than 40.

As the legal cannabis industry grew at unprecedented levels last decade for the first time in nearly a century, Stephen Murphy recognized a gap in the flourishing industry: People weren’t talking about it on a global level.

Individual states in the US had their own markets, which were separate from Canada’s federally legal
industry. Legal weed in North America had very little collaboration with markets in Europe and even less with those in Asia.

Murphy founded Prohibition Partners in 2017 to connect global cannapreneurs. He says his company aims to promote the “abundant economic, societal and health benefits of the plant, so they may be realized by people around the world. When we launched, there was a lack of understanding of what was happening in the cannabis space, certainly outside of North America.”

Prohibition Partners now hosts flagship annual conferences in London and New York City. When the company first launched, Murphy said there were 10 legal markets around the planet. Now there are more than 40.

“For us, it was important to showcase that cannabis isn’t focused on a single market; it’s a global market,” Murphy said.

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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