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40 Under 40: Allie Cassidy

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40 Under 40: Allie Cassidy

Allie Cassidy has built TKO Reserve into one of Oregon’s best brands.

Running a company alongside your husband and dad requires plenty of trust, patience and communication to be successful. Oregon-based Allie Cassidy says that’s exactly why she’s had so much success building her adult-use and CBD farm TKO Reserve into one of the state’s most
ballyhooed brands.

Her secret, other than the great working relationships she has with her family? A marketing and branding background that stems back to her days growing up in Las Vegas. Cassidy was posting Instagram videos of life on the weed farm and pictures of marijuana buds “before it was mainstream.”

She quickly built a following that helped drive TKO Reserve’s business in Oregon and beyond. Cassidy’s 60-acre farm, tended to by TKO Reserve’s 15 employees, serves nearly 200 dispensaries across Oregon. But while her cannabis business must stay within state lines, Cassidy can legally ship TKO Reserve’s CBD products across the country.

“I saw so much room for growth here because nobody stood out as a household name,” she says.

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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