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40 Under 40: Alisia Ratliff

40 Under 40: Alisia Ratliff

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40 Under 40: Alisia Ratliff

From the onset of working in the cannabis industry, Ratliff knew she needed to help people.

Alisia Ratliff has accumulated a vast amount of scientific knowledge, having developed products and protocols for a variety of scientific industries.

As chief executive officer of Victus Consulting Ventures, her transition into the cannabis industry was fueled by the desire to make a positive impact. Ratliff says she never imaged that her career in cannabis would be as far-reaching as it’s become and sees the lack of representation in leadership roles in the space and recognizes her role in that regard as well.

“If you’ve ever watched Mean Girls, I love when they refer to Gretchen’s hair as being big because it holds a ton of secrets. Well, my hair is also big due to storing so much cannabinoid science and all things related in my brain. From the onset of working in this industry, I didn’t just need a career change; I needed to help people,” Ratliff said.

This story was originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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