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15 Cool Stoner Accessories from King Palm

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15 Cool Stoner Accessories from King Palm

Get the most out of your smoke session with these game-changing cannabis accessories from King Palm.

King Palm makes high-quality, innovative cannabis accessories. Not only is the brand dedicated to creating premium tobacco-free wraps, but they also have some of the best weed accessories available to help you optimize your smoke session. We compiled a list of the 15 most popular cannabis accessories for sale on the official King Palm website. Each of these accessories will improve any cannabis smoker’s routine and make a stellar addition to your collection. Read below to discover the benefits of these customer-favorite ganja gadgets. 

1.     King Palm Wraps with Flavored Filter Tips 

Banana Cream flavor tips

Every properly initiated stoner knows that the days of flavored rolling papers are gone. They are outdated and typically don’t have great flavor. King Palm’s natural leaf cones with terpene-infused, all-natural tips push the envelope on flavor and satisfaction. The slow burn creates a delicious taste that lingers, unlike blunts sealed by glue and saliva. 

King Palm leaves nothing to chance when it comes to high-end satisfaction. When you want to take the time to savor every puff, King Palm’s pre-rolled cones are the way to go, as they complement every herb you smoke with it. They are a product of natural leaf rolls that are individually handpicked and cleaned with purified water. Enjoy the convenience and flavor of this healthier, eco-friendly option that leaves toxic fertilizers and toxins behind. 

2.     Filter Tips Made from Organically Grown Corn Husk

King Palm's all-natural filter tips

Smoke like an elite with King Palm’s all-natural filter tips. These made-to-perfection tips are all-natural, smoother, and undoubtedly make for a longer lasting, more enjoyable hit.  The berry-infused terpenes open you up to a world of satisfying inhale, while the care to detail during creation gives your joint the ideal shape. 

3.     All New Palm Leaf Wraps 

Mojito Ice Palm Leaf Wraps

If you feel like rolling with a tobacco-free blunt wrap alternative, we highly recommend King Palm’s exquisite, all-natural Palm Leaf Wraps. These signature joint wraps are individually rolled and come with separate filter tips, available in a variety of flavors to complement your flower. Made from real leaves, these are 100 percent biodegradable and completely free of tobacco, additives or chemicals. Healthier and more flavorful, these super fresh wraps will surely become your go-to. 

4.     Weed Grinder

King Palm Weed Grinders

The must-have stoner accessory is a grinder for dense and sticky nugs; it will speed up the process of breaking down the bud. Experience freedom with a King Palm weed grinder, designed to make life easy.  Your herbs will come out looking as golden as the sun, ready to be set on fire. 

5.     Rolling Trays 

King Palm Premium Weed Rolling Tray

Rolling trays make being a joint artisan easy, providing a messy-free way to roll up your herbs. King Palm took this helpful tool a step further by making it portable and easy to travel with. Say hello to your go-to companion for longer trips. These premium rolling trays are affordable and come in a variety of designs and sizes, too. 

6.     Doob Tube

Pop Top Doob Tube

Store and pack away your pre-rolls like a boss. Protect and preserve your herbs and valuable leaves from harsh weather and travel hazards with the Pop Top Doob Tube.  Designed for portability, the Doob Tube stealthily fits anywhere, whether it’s your pocket, purse, wallet or backpack. The Pop Top Doob was explicitly created to cater to the life of your rollie. You can put out a joint or King Palm blunt and save it for later with the Pop Top Doob Tube. 

7. Smoke Clip 

Smoke Clips

Holding joints has never been easier, thanks to these extendable Smoke Clips. Made of brass, the clips are durable and should last a long time. The perfect extension tool, these clips are ideal for group smoking sessions, making it super easy to pass your joint around. Plus, there’s no risk of burning, and the lingering smell on your hands is nonexistent.

8.     Blunt Holder Ring 

Blunt Holder Ring

The Blunt Holder Ring makes it easier to multitask. Play video games in comfort while you smoke your blunt or joint. Those 5-gram pre-rolled cones won’t be a problem for this ring holder; go ahead and stack it all up—smoke with zero fear of losing your beloved blunt. 

9.     Acrylic Packing Stick

King Palm Acrylic Packing Stick

King Palm’s reusable  Acrylic Packing Stick is designed to pack in herb for a smooth, slow burn. It can be wiped clean after every use and stays unsoiled thanks to its acrylic coating. For an extra layer of enjoyment, pair the acrylic stick with King Palm’s glowing tray. The tray’s lights shine through the stick for fun effects and a clearer view of what you’re packing. 

10.  Mouth Tip

Mouth Tip For Pre-Rolled Cones

Having an incredible smoke session with friends should always be healthy and free of cross-contamination. Easier said than done though, right? King Palm’s Mouth Tip was created to make this an easy reality. While specifically designed to fit King Palm’s king size pre-rolled cones, it also works with blunts and rolling papers that are similar in size. 

11.  Airtight Container & Digital Humidity Meter 

King Palm Stash Tube

Who needs a Ziplock when you have an airtight container custom built to protect your stash? Substantially extend the freshness of your cannabis with King Palm’s Stash Tube. The humidity-controlled environment has an airtight seal, keeping your pre-rolled cones and herbs as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. At only $10, this accessory is a must-have for preserving the goods. 

12.  6 Gram Boveda – 69% 

Boveda Humidity Control Pack

If you live in a hot environment or just want to extend the freshness of your cannabis, throw a Boveda Humidity Control Pack in with it. A 69% humidity rating is great for enhancing the overall taste and purity of your blunts. Boveda avoids using synthetic and toxic ingredients, so no need to sacrifice health for longevity.  

13.  Torch Lighter

Can you be called a stoner without a dope lighter? King Palm’s butane torch lighters are the only kind you’ll ever need or want. Sleek and super powerful, these refillable lighters boast much higher temperatures than a typical BIC lighter. The jet flame is highly concentrated—ideal for heating up rigs and torching extra waxy dabs. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, and it’s completely odor-free. 

14.  Gold Plated Weed Scale 

Gold Plated Weed Scale

Luxurious and affordable at only $30, this Gold Plated Scale will have you feeling extra special as you measure out your flower. Enjoy putting your bud on top of a gold-plated surface for that royal treatment it deserves. This portable and lightweight scale for weed will be the last one you ever need. Enjoy reliable weighing accuracy with long-lasting battery life. 

15.  Light Up with a King Palm Neon Light

Enhance the atmosphere of any smoking area with this cool Neon Sign from King Palm. Perfect for any smoke shop, dispensary, or the stoner’s garage, the iconic King Palm logo is sure to turn heads instantly. 

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