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Hempire Provides Sustainable Smoking Experience for the Masses

Man lighting joint using Hempire rolling papers
Photos courtesy of Hempire


Hempire Provides Sustainable Smoking Experience for the Masses

Hemp-based rolling papers, clothing and accessories are higher in-demand than ever, and Hempire’s at the cutting-edge.

In today’s world, sustainability is more important than ever. Thankfully, more consumers are choosing products that help them both save the planet and maintain an all-natural lifestyle. One company keeping this ethos at the center of all they do is Hempire, makers of premium hemp-based rolling papers and apparel. Driven by the notion that “hemp makes stronger bonds,” this brand is showcasing the many incredible uses the plant has—a fact often forgotten due to generations of prohibition.

“Quite literally, the history of civilization can’t be told without the inclusion of hemp,” explained Nicolas Pettersson, brand manager at Swisher, Hempire’s parent company. “Hemp was used to make paper, rope, rolling papers and more for the majority of human history. The great artists of the Renaissance rolled their tobacco on hemp paper in Europe. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and the first U.S. flag was made from hemp cloth.”

Hempire is putting hemp back in the spotlight in a big way—read on to learn more!

Earth’s Future at the Forefront 

Hempire was born out of a crucial need to support the planet, which is in constant threat due to climate change.

“Hempire was founded because hemp is our best hope for a sustainable future,” Pettersson said, explaining many of the reasons why hemp is the best choice when it comes to textiles, fabrics and other industrial products.  

“Hemp doesn’t require much land to grow. One acre of hemp produces as much paper as four acres of forest. Hemp saves on water, too. It only needs half the water that cotton requires and is less dependent on pesticides and fertilizer. It’s also durable. Hemp-derived plastic is stronger than petroleum-based plastic and biodegrades within a year.”

The knowledge of how the plant can impact our world for the better, especially at a time of great environmental crisis, drives everything the brand does.

“It’s why Hempire believes that hemp should be a choice for everyone, no matter their lifestyle,” Pettersson added. “We provide consumers a more sustainable choice—a choice that allows them to put the planet first.”

Hemp Papers Offer Smooth and Sustainable Smoking Experience

Hempire Rolling Paper and Tray

Hempire’s signature rolling papers are a favorite among cannabis consumers. Crafted from ultra-thin and eco-friendly hemp, they provide an even, slow-burn without compromising on strength. They’re easy to manipulate, creating a perfect roll every time. Hempire papers come in a variety of sizes, too. You can create pinners, perfect for a quick buzz, or a fatty meant to satiate a small crowd. Hemp filter tips are also available, making the perfect all-natural complement to your joint.

‘Hemparel’ Line Features Something for Everyone

To expand their environmental efforts, Hempire introduced a line of hemp clothing, hats and accessories. The materials used are soft yet durable with a variety of styles to choose from. In order to scale the operation, Hempire has partnered up with Alpine Hemp Company, a hemp apparel manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. 

“Alpine and Hempire share similar adult consumer demographics—hemp and cannabis enthusiasts with an interest in sustainability and the great outdoors,” Pettersson explained. “The brands have crossed paths over the last couple of years, and after learning more about each other, we felt there was a natural synergy that allowed for a custom collaboration project and a business relationship.”

Hemp is Back and Here to Stay

Hemp has a long and storied history in the U.S. While it was a revered industrial resource, medicine and sacrament for hundreds of years, the plant faced massive criminalization in the early 1900s, eroding the acclaim it once enjoyed. Now, thanks to reform efforts, hemp is again gaining steam, something Pettersson and the team at Hempire are grateful for.

“Finally, after a hundred years of dormancy, hemp is getting the respect it deserves,” Pettersson said. 

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