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The Elon Starter Kit by E1011 Labs

E1011 Labs Elon Vaporizer
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The Elon Starter Kit by E1011 Labs

E1011 Labs’ holistically inspired Elon vaporizer makes smoking whole hemp flower on-the-go easier than ever.

Most things in life are more complicated than they need to be. Don’t make hemp use one of them. E1011 Labs’ innovative vaporizer system allows you to appreciate all the benefits of whole flower hemp—any time, any place. 

Inhalation is a popular means of gaining CBD relief, as the effects take over within minutes. Edible supplements, on the other hand, can take hours to kick in. But inhalation practices are by no means new—ancient cultures were dialed into their benefits for millennia before modern cultures began to truly explore their merit. 

Inspired by these age-old methods of holistic medicine, the founders of E1011 Labs wanted to use modern tech and science to harness the same benefits of inhalation, but on a more advanced level. As a result, the Elon Vaporizer was born: a sleek and simple device that uses advanced technology to deliver CBD in a healthy and effective manner wherever you are. 

For those new to smoking hemp (or just looking to upgrade), the Elon Starter Kit has everything you need. Read on to find out why we are such fans of this portable, whole flower hemp vaporizer. 

The Elon Starter Kit

The Elon Starter Kit includes the Elon vaporizer, a C-type USB charger, and two packs of whole flower hemp cartridges (Stem Uplift and Stem Relax). Available in grey and silver finishes, the Elon’s polished metal exterior instantly caught our eye as a minimalist dream. E1011 Labs’ dedication to precise form and function is reflected in the clean design of all their products in this kit. 

We were pleasantly surprised with how easily Elon fits in a pocket or bag compared to its competitors. Rather than using processed oils, both Stem varieties are made from full-spectrum whole hemp flower. The Stem cartridges come in a recycled paper box of 20, thoughtfully designed to prevent spillage and pre-dosed for ease of use and consistency you can count on. Individual cartridges are biodegradable and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional plastic vape cartridge. These small touches of intentional design made for a strong first impression. 

The Science: Innovative Heating

One of the Elon’s most advanced features is its concentric heating method. The device gently activates cannabinoids and terpenes within the hemp flower for high bioavailability, meaning you will experience stronger effects more quickly. Quality of extraction is obvious when using the device: the draw is smooth, satisfying, and most importantly, we noticed effects in minutes. 

Intentional Design

Innovation is at the forefront of E1011 Labs. When developing the Elon, designers opted for a blowhole rather than a button to pause and restart sessions. This allows for better control over heating. Plus, users can have peace of mind knowing the Elon won’t accidentally turn on in a bag or pocket. Small choices like this make Elon a must-have for us. Lastly, we love the novelty in E1011 Labs’ Stem design—slim paper cartridges add a sense of whimsy and nostalgia to an otherwise modern device. 

Simplicity You Can Count On 

The Elon is here to make your life easier. Although we love to talk about advanced systems and cleaner extraction, the standout feature for us is this device’s simplicity. The vaporizer fully charges in just 30 minutes and lasts 10-15 sessions. Because no combustion takes place, you don’t have to worry about smoke or ash either. Pre-dosed cartridges eliminate hassle, and a third-party certificate of analysis ensures trust. The cherry on top: the Elon is self-cleaning. 

Overall, the Elon Starter Kit stands out as a premium on-the-go alternative to processed oils. Without the hassle of grinding and rolling, we were able to sit down and truly enjoy our CBD experience. Even the staunchest self-rollers will be hard pressed to find fault in E1011 Labs’ revolutionary system. Everything about the Elon feels streamlined and intuitive. It’s a straightforward system that we will certainly keep coming back to.

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