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Three New Kasher Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Kasher tools
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Three New Kasher Tools to Make Your Life Easier

The original Kasher poker smoking tool now comes in three new versions for added convenience, style and purpose.

When it comes to smoking and lighter accessories, few multi-use tools have the undeniable convenience factor as the famously sleek Kasher poker tool. It’s a tool so diversely useful it should be sold at Home Depot—not just smoke shops and dispensaries. The original stainless steel Kasher tool can do tasks that range in everything from cleaning a pipe to assisting in packing a joint, to serving as a box opener and even operating as a mini-flathead screwdriver.

Strong, durable and useful for all types of smoking and cannabis-consuming needs, Kasher’s signature and original lighter tool has become incredibly commonplace and has sold over a million units in the 15 years that Kasher has been in operation.

“Once people get used to having a Kasher on their lighter, they literally can’t go without one,” says Andrew Sweeney, founder of Kasher. “At first, the market was slow to accept the product, as there was lots of education needed. But after a decade in business, people are really starting to connect the dots and realize all the different uses the simple, yet versatile Kasher provides. There are many uses beyond a ‘pipe tool;’ we’ve created a product that has literally hundreds of uses spanning across many mediums and industries.”

Fans of Kasher’s high-quality products can rejoice, as the company recently released a few new versions of the original tool that are must-haves for any regular cannabis consumer. We spoke with the company’s founder, Andrew Sweeney, to get the scoop on three new and exciting product releases: the Sandblasted Kasher Titanium; the Kasher Necklace; and the Kasher Keychain.

Innovation Meets Practicality

Regardless of whether a cannabis consumer uses a glass pipe, a metal pipe, a bubbler, a joint or even concentrates, the new Kasher products will be equally as practical for all cannabis consumers alike. 

Sandblasted Kasher Titanium

First off is the inaugural smoking accessory made entirely from 100% pure grade 2 titanium, fittingly named the Sandblasted Kasher TITANIUM. Seamlessly blending tactical strength and a matte finish, this tool is as visually appealing as it is endlessly versatile. Fitting snugly over any Bic lighter, the TITANIUM is also a memorable marketing tool as the sandblasted version can be laser engraved with whichever requested letterings or logos in either gold or black. The titanium unit is so strong, in fact, that companies can etch their name or signature in their finished pieces of borosilicate glass art.

Kasher tools necklace

Kasher Necklace 

The next new product in the company’s ever-growing catalog, the Kasher Necklace, combines all the multi-useful components of the original Kasher poker tool with an attached fashionable necklace that has even been donned by the protagonist on MTV’s recent cannabis-centric movie Pretty Stoned. With several different color and design options from glossy gold, silver and an iridescent “icy” look for both the Kasher itself and an accompanying metallic lighter, the combinations for personalizing your Kasher Necklace are numerous.      

Kasher tools keychain

Kasher Keychain

The Kasher Keychain is not only fashionable and incredibly convenient; it also serves as the perfect keychain for the many keys you may need in life. Available in five different colors and brilliantly combining the Kasher poker tool with a keychain, you’ll literally and figuratively never be without your spark. And because the Kasher Keychain fits so snugly with a Clipper lighter, a refillable Clipper lighter arrives with every single Kasher Keychain purchase.

The Kasher Mission

Sweeney believes that Kasher is more than just a smoking accessory company; it’s also a brand that can help overcome the still very present stigma that surrounds cannabis and the plant’s consumption.   

“We aim to encourage Kasher users to take action in their lives; if something needs to be fixed, take initiative and fix it,” he says. “Cannabis users still battle a negative stigma. Our mission is to help erase that stigma so that cannabis users will be treated like any other person, regardless of their vice.”

All three of the new Kasher tools support the brand’s newly refined mission. “Our company’s ‘why’ has evolved into one simple statement: ‘Make it happen.’ We aim to encourage Kasher users to take action in their lives,” Sweeney says. “Don’t wait for others to do what needs to be done; take initiative and control of your own life and determine your own path. Set goals, stay motivated and most of all, be persistent—never give up on your dreams.”

“Kashers eliminate the continual need to search for random items to clean or service your pipe,” Sweeney adds. “Stop using bobby pins, pen caps, paper clips, sticks and stems, and get yourself a Kasher to do all of the above and much more.”

All in all, Sweeney is reminding consumers to not let their pipe get dirty. Take a simple action and keep it clean! He circles this back to their key messaging and mission to take action when something needs to be done. As the adage goes, “There’s no time like the present.”

Big News for Kasher, Inc.

The Kasher family is excited to share the big news that they’ve recently signed an official licensing agreement with West Coast Gifts, one of the biggest distributors in Canada, as the exclusive distributor for Kasher products. “We went from a small team to a company with over 50 employees overnight,” Sweeney shares. While Sweeney and the team will still be innovating and creating new Kasher products, you can expect to see more exciting cannabis products come out of this partnership.

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