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Valentine’s Day: Terpenes, Anyone?

Terpene Pairings


Valentine’s Day: Terpenes, Anyone?

A romantic pairing guide of strains and fun to set the mood for love.

Can you smell it? Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is here—did you get caught scrambling for plans or gifts at the last minute? It’s not too late if you set the mood with a special terpene pairing celebration that brings the best of all worlds together. It’s simpler than you might you think, and it’s all thanks to terpenes.

Abundant in varying levels in different cannabis strains, terpenes are chemical compounds that define the distinct flavors, aromas and effects of all plants. And thanks to the now seemingly countless combinations of these terpenes available in the form of top-shelf legal cannabis strains and products, it’s possible to theme an entire evening around your desired vibe.

Below are five terpenes that offer an ideal array of strains, non-cannabis products and activities that match perfectly with each one. Set your special someone’s heart ablaze this Valentine’s Day by following one of the suggested plans below.

The limonene in Do-Si-Dos is a mood lifter. PHOTO Randi @DevilsLettucePh


Terp: Limonene

Strains: Do-Si-Dos, Tahoe OG

Pairing: Edible Fruit Bouquet

Fruity, citrus aromas and flavors are the signature calling card of limonene—and we aren’t only talking about lemons. Yes, the name and its similarity to a certain yellow fruit is no coincidence, but strains rich in limonene offer a veritable bouquet of revitalizing citrus and sweet relief. Take your beloved’s taste buds to the next level by terpene pairing a strain like Do-Si-Dos or Tahoe OG with an edible fruit bouquet. With limonene’s reputed benefits as a mood elevator and stress reliever, an arousing night is sure to follow.

The myrcene in Blue Dream will help relax you. PHOTO Taylor Kent for Cannabis Now


Terp: Myrcene

Strains: Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple

Pairing: Selection of cheeses and craft beers

Mycene is a wonderful terpene that’s slightly tougher to describe than some of its peers. When it comes to myrcene’s flavor and aroma, one can think of things like balsam and lemongrass, but arguably the best parallel lies in the hops central to beer brewing. Known as the most abundant terpene in cannabis, myrcene has been credited for its ability to provide relief as a muscle relaxant and, in higher doses, as a sedative. Thus, it’s important to be prudent with your potency but don’t be dissuaded from putting together a spread of worthy cheeses and craft beers to pair with ideal strains like Blue Dream or Granddaddy Purple if a deeply relaxing night in together appeals.

Terpene Pairings
The linalool found in Zkittles helps boost creativity. PHOTO: TC


Terp: Linalool

Strains: Scooby Snacks, Zkittlez

Pairing: Lavender-scented massage oil

Feeling creative is sometimes as simple as not feeling stuck. That’s where linalool comes in. Beloved by fans of both cannabis and aromatherapy, this terpene is found in high concentrations of lavender and basil and is reputed for its ability to soothe and inspire. As a key ingredient to your Valentine’s Day plans, consider terpene pairing a linalool-rich strain like Scooby Snacks or Zkittlez and combining some shared consumption with a lavender oil message—but don’t be surprised if it rubs your significant other the right way and sets the mood for love.

The pinene in Grape Ape will add a pep to your step. PHOTO by Dank Depot


Terp: Pinene

Strains: Big Smooth, Grape Ape

Pairing: Pine-scented candle

There’s no way around it: this year, Valentine’s Day will fall on a Tuesday, meaning many couples will be finishing long days at work and then do their best to stay awake for date night. If adding a pep to your collective step is just what you need, pinene-rich strains like Big Smooth and Grape Ape can bring a hint of energizing pine fragrance to your plans. Double down on turning your Valentine’s Day into a pine needle paradise by giving your special person a similarly scented candle and unlocking your second wind for a memorable night of romance.

The caryophyllene in Gelato will give you an uplifting, joyous experience. PHOTO Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now


Terp: Caryophyllene

Strains: Sour Diesel, Gelato

Pairing: Clove-scented Perfume

Even if you’re unsure how to pronounce or spell caryophyllene, this terpene’s signature blend of spice and funk can be found in everything from cloves to black pepper. Celebrated for its therapeutic potential as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, it’s easy to see how joy and caryophyllene go together like an old married couple. Strains that test high in this terpene include Sour Diesel and Gelato, which you can consider pairing with a gift of clove-scented perfume for an uplifting, joyful Valentine’s Day. Smells like a win to us.

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