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818 Brands Top-Shelf Strain Review


818 Brands Top-Shelf Strain Review

A detailed overview of the Gas Face OG strain.

Gas Face OG is a highly potent hybrid strain of cannabis bred by the world-famous Seed Junky Genetics, combining the Face Mints strain with a cross of Biscotti and Sherbet. Sticky and tight, light green nugs show a classic OG flower structure, covered with tightly clustered shining trichomes with flecks of purple showing through. The aroma of Gas Face OG is bright and gassy with earthy and woodsy undertones, heavily influenced by the dominant terpenes limonene, linalool and caryophyllene. When burned, the varietal produces thick, strong but tasty smoke that is pleasing to the palate.

Gas Face OG’s potency is high, with analysis of a recent indoor crop from 818 Brands in California showing total cannabinoids of 29.38%, with THC coming in at 28.5%, plus a dash of the minor cannabinoid CBGA. Together, the terpenes and cannabinoids produce a relaxing yet uplifting effect that inspires reflection, creativity and improved mental focus. Reported medical effects include appetite stimulation and help reducing stress, anxiety and depression, offering relief to many patients with insomnia, anorexia or mild mental health conditions. Flowering time for the Gas Face OG strain is about eight to nine weeks when grown indoors.

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