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The Women of Color Cannabis Business and Wellness Experience

The Women of Color Cannabis Business and Wellness Experience
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The Women of Color Cannabis Business and Wellness Experience

This groundbreaking industry event taking place June 24-25 in Philadelphia, aims to connect and support women of color in cannabis via a range of workshops, panels and networking opportunities.

In an effort to further diversify the cannabis market and welcome more women of color, Sheena Roberson, founder of Cannabis Noire, is hosting the inaugural Women of Color Cannabis Business and Wellness Experience: “High-er,” taking place June 24-25 at the StoryFactory and Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

The conference aims to create a secure and supportive environment where Black and brown women can amplify their voices, gain valuable insights and forge new opportunities. The event draws women from all corners of the industry, including entrepreneurs, cultivators, activists and healthcare professionals. Attendees will have access to an array of workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities encompassing various topics such as business strategies, branding, wellness and self-care.

With over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, educator and advocate, Roberson is deeply committed to empowering women of color and creating platforms where their voices can be heard.

“Women of color have played a critical role in shaping the cannabis industry, yet their contributions go unrecognized far too often. We are consistently underinvested, under-estimated and unsupported only to continuously outperform our counterparts. It’s time we properly acknowledge, support and invest in women of color,” Roberson says. “This event is an opportunity to celebrate their achievements, address the unique challenges they face and empower them to continue leading the way.”

The Women of Color Cannabis Business and Wellness Experience presents a groundbreaking opportunity for women of color within the cannabis industry to unite, exchange experiences and address the unique needs and challenges they encounter in their field. The two-day event establishes a dedicated space where these women can gather to be acknowledged, have their voices amplified and receive support as they forge paths for themselves and future generations.

Beyond networking and learning, the gathering is also meant to be a celebration, proudly showcasing the immense contributions of women of color to the cannabis industry. Notable speakers and panellists, including esteemed industry experts, entrepreneurs and activists, are scheduled to share their own stories while offering invaluable advice for building a successful future. Learn more here.

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