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The Power of Pura Vida: Edibles with a Purpose

Photo courtesy Pura Vida


The Power of Pura Vida: Edibles with a Purpose

“I have seizures — well, I used to,” says Heather Hoffman as she laughs.

She’s one of the co-owners of a blossoming Northern California cannabis-infused edibles company. The founders of Pura Vida are a vision of the daring excitement that transforms young, eager, twenty-somethings from just college-aged kids into business owners. They’ve come to share the changes they’ve made for their organic, gluten-free, vegan, cannabis-infused line of superfoods. Although the goods have remained the same, reliably yummy snacks they’ve always been, the packaging is getting a new look – with even more goodness inside.

“We’ve updated the label but we’ve also changed the size of our products to increase how many doses are in each bag,” Issa Madanat, the other half of the health-conscious brand, explains.

“But, it’s not just about getting super high,” Hoffman adds. “It’s about providing people with medicine that’s not only good, but good for them.”

The California-based company offers a host of deliciously dank treats that don’t compromise your health for a high. They aim to provide medicine without any harmful by-products that are suitable for everyone from the epileptic to the active athlete. That’s why everything they make is high in protein and fiber, low in sodium and free of refined sugars.

“Our company emphasizes the legitimacy of dietary restrictions for some patients,” Hoffman says.

They only use organic products — from the whole grain oats, cranberries or dark chocolate in their signature Gramola to the pumpkin and sunflower seeds in their Sunny Seeds selection. All of their products have nutritional labels on the back with all of the ingredients listed as well as calories per serving.

For their products, they skip the shake or leaves and utilize actual buds to make their snacks superior in quality, taste and potency.

“We have contracted farms — for our brand — who only grow organic, sativa-dominant plants,” Madanat says.

Though the specific strains in the products do vary, they consistently work with reliable cultivators to supply the cannabis that they use to make the infused coconut oil they put in all of their products.

For now, Pura Vida products are only in California dispensaries, but they have plans to expand their product line in the future to include other snacks for patients who prefer high-CBD medicine and may even branch out to include medicinal treats for children who require treatment. They’re also hoping to increase their circulation to other states where recreational and medical cannabis are provided.

Do you use edibles to treat your symptoms? Tell us about it below.

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