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Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites


Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites

The newest offering from Kiva Confections is a decadent delight that ups the ante of discreet micro-dosing with cannabis edibles. Created by rolling liquid hot milk chocolate over blueberries dusted with cocoa powder and white chocolate, the new blueberry Terra Bites each feature 5 milligrams of THC per serving. With 120 milligrams per container, these bites are perfect for achieving just the right amount of medication – without going overboard. Great as a treat throughout the day for the daily toker, Kiva’s clean unintimidating packaging also provides a superb introduction to the joys of edibles for those less experienced with cannabis.

“It’s as much art as it is science,” Kiva’s co-founder Scott Palmer says of the process that goes into creating the bite-sized edibles. “We’re seeing a lot of people come over from smoking and other forms of cannabis use into the edibles space. I think having products like [Terra Bites], that you feel like you can trust, is having an impact.”

Kiva works with the outdoor, organic trim supplied by growers in Northern California to create a cold-water extract added to the chocolate. The company’s dedication to its product includes lab testing on each batch of raw extract, to ensure each chocolate offering is consistent and safe for medical cannabis patients.

In addition to the reliable consistency found in Kiva’s product line, the chocolatier goes far in ensuring consumers understand how much

THC they are ingesting. With clear labeling and instructions on each tin, both inside and out, these bites are a great way to get started slow – the only true path to edibles enlightenment.

To read more about the chocolatiers behind Kiva Confections check out issue 15 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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