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Product Review: Big Pete’s Treats


Product Review: Big Pete’s Treats

In the wide world of cannabis edibles, sometimes it just feels good to return to the tried-and-true comforts of a cookie and in this regard, Big Pete’s Treats certainly has us covered. The family-operated California company creates 14 different flavors of cookies in their Santa Cruz kitchen. The delectable choices range from the classic chocolate chip to newer offerings like lemon drop and ginger spice.

“We make our butter from trim and buds instead of just infusing it with hash oil or injecting into already-made product,” says Pete Jr., who runs the company along with his father Big Pete. “When you first think of pot-infused food, you’re thinking of brownies and cookies and for us, what we do best is cookies and so we just kind of kept it simple from day one and just focused on having the best cookies.”

Big Pete’s sources its trim from local Santa Cruz farms to create two kinds of butter – sativa and indica. These infused butters then go into cookies, which have 40 milligrams of THC for the sativa version and 80 for the indica version. Big Pete’s also offers Mini Treats, which come in six or 10 packs of cookies, each with 20 milligrams of THC.

“People really like the minis the best because it breaks down the dose,” Pete Jr. says.

Big Pete’s, which displays a love of surf and skate culture on its label and Instagram feed, is available throughout Northern California and is a great way to get baked with baked goods.

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