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The Dynavap Way: Versatile and Fun Battery-free Vaping

Dynavap Vong


The Dynavap Way: Versatile and Fun Battery-free Vaping

Dynavap’s dry herb, battery-free vaporizers provide a smooth, flavorful combustion-free smoking experience that’s so fun you’ll want to try out every model.

The Dynavap brand, which makes battery-free dry herb vaporizers, is building a loyal following—and for good reason. When it comes to DynaVap, there is nothing ordinary about their products.  It’s not “just another vape pen” or “just a fad.” Today’s cannabis market is so flooded with devices, that choosing one can at times feel overwhelming. But Dynavap has gone a different direction with their battery-free, dry herb vaporizers. 

Dynavap’s lineup of dry herb vaporizers offers cannabis users a battery-free alternative to smoking, and all of their products are combustion-free. In other words, it’s smoking without the smoke, which gives way to an overall smoother hit. The battery-free technology allows for efficient heating, so you will use less material while stretching your stash, and ultimately spending less money on weed. You really get the most bang for your buck—plus, the DynaVap is fun to use.

DynaVap’s range of vaporizers includes the “M,” the VonG, the Omni and the BB. You can view their Buyer’s Guide online to determine which device is best suited for your needs. While the DynaVap “M” is the brand’s most popular battery-free, dry herb vaporizer, today we’ll be taking a closer look at the VonG. Note that each device uses the same kind of cap, so once you know how to use it, you can essentially operate any DynaVap device with ease. 

How Dynavap Works

The Dynavap VonG works similarly to their popular “M” vaporizer, but it can do a whole lot more. Made with titanium, the VonG has an adjustable airflow feature and is compatible with 10mm and 14mm female water piece openings. Easily pack it with flower, or attach the Dynacoil adapter to use it with concentrates. The versatility of the VonG is somewhat of a marvel—it’s hard to believe this small device can provide so much. 

With all Dynavap products, there is a bit of a learning curve. It took our team a few tries to get it right, but once we figured it out, we became instant Dynavap fans.

Setting up at the Cannabis Now office to review the VonG, we first lit our Smoke Odor Exterminator candle. Next, we pulled out the Flower Mill grinder to break up some Aspen Valley CBD flower, since it was the middle of the workday. Before lighting up, we watched this short tutorial on how to use the DynaVap VapCap, which works the same for all of the different DynaVap devices.

Removing and packing the cap is relatively straight forward. Next, the heating and “clicking” come into play. This is the part that takes a few tries before feeling super comfortable. While Dynavap recommends a triple torch lighter for beginners, we found the double torch to be most effective. The double torch is hot enough to heat through the metal, but not so hot that it will risk burning your weed. Rotate the VapCap while heating it, and start listening for a “click” or popping sound. 

Click 1: When you hear the first click, this means your DynaVap is ready for smoking. It took about 5 or 6 seconds to heat up. 

Click 2: When you hear the second click, this is signaling you that you’re losing heat. Light ‘er up again and enjoy the smooth and flavorful hits that come with combustion-free smoking.

Click 3: The third and final click is not as fun, as it means you’re done. The time it takes from the first to third click is about 30 seconds long, so you can definitely get a few hits out of this vaporizer. Expect 3-5 cycles per packed bowl. 

While the clicking can at first seem like a lot to deal with, it’s actually quite simple. The clicking sounds simply serve as indicators, so you know exactly when your piece is ready for vaping. While the clicking indicates the optimal time for vaping, you’re still going to get some vapor if you don’t smoke it at that very second. The more you use it and become familiar with it, you’ll start to get your own technique down for swiveling the VapCap. And because the device consistently heats up at the same time, we found you don’t really need to hear the pop. 

Added Perks of Dynavap:

After testing out the Dynavap, it was clear that the brand’s products are a great option for those with sensitive throats. You don’t have to charge it, and it’s as smooth as a Pax. We found it to be a bit like riding a bike: It takes a minute to figure it out, but once you get it, it’s like second nature. It was easy for us to see how DynaVap has built such a loyal cult following. 

Enhanced Flavor 

The CBD flower we used for our initial review was admittedly not the freshest. Even then, we noticed how much the Dynavap VonG preserved the flavor of the herb. We could taste the terpenes, and there was none of the harshness that comes with smoking a bowl.  

After office hours, we took the VonG home to test it with some Mohave Gold flower. It was probably four times as enjoyable with the high-terpene, high-THC Mohave cannabis. We could really taste the flavors and enjoy the feeling of it. 

Get More Out of Your Stash 

With the Dynavap dry herb vaporizer, conservation is a big win. You get a lot of vapor and a lot of use out of minimal flower. The new design of the tip with all the nooks and crannies helps to evenly distribute the heat. Since it’s a vaporizer, just a tiny amount of weed gets you four to six hits as opposed to one or two with a bowl or joint. Also, when you’re done vaping, instead of dumping your ash into an ashtray, you can use your decarboxylated weed to make edibles. 

All in all, you will get more out of your weed when using the Dynavap. If you want to splurge on some expensive herb, you can feel good about using it with any one of the Dynavap devices. 

Versatility of the VonG

Dynavap Vong, a battery-free dry herb vaporizer

The VonG is more versatile than the “M,” as it can also be used with a water piece, due to its added airflow technology and stem which is tapered to fit 10mm and 14mm adapters. Using the DynaVap VonG and Water Pipe combo with the concentrate made it super easy to transform a water pipe into a dab rig. You can also pair it with the DynaCoil is you want to use concentrates instead of dry flower. 

To see how the VonG performs when it comes to concentrates, we also tested out the Mohave brand terp sauce with diamonds. As expected, it was delicious. The terps were well preserved and very flavorful. It was easy to use and did not overheat like using a traditional banger and bong. Afterwards, we easily popped off the DynaCoil and cleaned the concentrate out with rubbing alcohol. We recommend using a stable concentrate like shatter or budder, as the more liquid concentrate got a bit soupy.

Lastly, we love that the VonG doesn’t require a big torch, like when heating up quartz bangers. And there’s no waiting around like with traditional dab rigs. (Usually, you heat up the banger until its red hot, and then wait 60 seconds before hitting the concentrate.) Controlling the temperature was also easier, thanks to the DynaVap clicks—there was no guessing, as there is with traditional dab rig set ups.

Customize Your Experience

While we zoomed in on the VonG device, one of the great parts about DynaVap is how you can customize your own experience. Mix and match accessories to build the device that’s just right for you. 

Colored sleeves for the VonG are coming soon, and you can head on over to their Parts Page to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Featuring wood, titanium and glass materials—plus different colors—you can have fun showing off your personalized device to friends. Plus, the M, VonG and Omni are made in the USA, and the materials are extremely durable. We are excited to have discovered a product that doesn’t fit the mold and offers cannabis lovers a new kind of experience. 

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