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Grow Better Cannabis With Agrify Vertical Farming Units

Agrify Vertical Farming Unit


Grow Better Cannabis With Agrify Vertical Farming Units

By combining data, science and technology, Agrify’s Vertical Farming Units and cannabis cultivation software are helping indoor cultivators achieve unparalleled consistency, yields and ROI at scale.

In today’s highly competitive cannabis market, indoor cultivation often takes precedence due to its ability to control variables like temperature, humidity, light and nutrients to grow more stable genetics. However, even indoor environments are subject to change, as are the ever-increasing costs of production and scalability, which can quickly eat into profits. To combat this, Agrify, the cannabis and hemp industry’s largest vertically integrated solutions provider, has developed micro-environment-controlled Vertical Farming Units that can help commercial cannabis grow operations achieve unparalleled consistency, yields and ROI at scale.

“As the industry’s first total turn-key solution, we provide cultivators with a comprehensive end-to-end offering that should allow them to get to market faster and consistently grow high-quality products that their customers expect, in a controlled and replicable environment, all at a significantly lower cost of production,” said Agrify CEO Raymond Nobu Chang.

By combining data, science and technology, Agrify’s Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) take indoor vertical cultivation to new heights. The fully enclosed, automated microclimate comes complete with LED grow lights, automated irrigation, fertigation and CO2 delivery. This allows cultivators to grow vertically while also developing strain-specific settings that are both optimizable and repeatable thanks to Agrify’s proprietary cannabis cultivation software, Agrify Insights. Using data-driven insights, the software program enables cultivators to maximize their grow ops with precision by giving them complete control over the internal environment of each VFU.

Vertical Farming Units outperform the competition in terms of space usage, energy consumption and resource management. They’re an ideal solution for growers requiring high-volume, high-quality production at a reasonable cost. But that’s not all the VFUs can assist with. Keep reading to learn all the ways these automated microclimates are helping cultivators achieve maximum results. 

Top Benefits of Vertical Farming Units

Agrify’s Vertical Farming Units are a total turn-key solution for indoor cultivators.

1. Grow Better Cannabis: Vertical Farming Units can improve every part of the grow and obtain up to 29% higher THC production while lowering costs.

2. Grow Bigger Buds: One of the key benefits of VFUs is the amount of grow room they provide. Because the pods are designed to be stacked up to three times, the yield per square foot is up to six times higher compared to other vertical farming systems with the same footprint. The VFUs are designed to maximize the amount of bud weight per square foot, so growth is directed away from stems and leaves and towards the production of bigger buds, resulting in shorter plants that are more profitable.

3. Grow Consistently: By applying data science and a continuous improvement methodology to all aspects of cannabis cultivation, yields, cannabinoids and terpene profiles are more consistent. The combined sealed grow room and controlled growing systems maintain consistent cultivar compound profiles, regardless of where they’re positioned in the facility. These optimum conditions maintain genetic integrity, allowing growers to cultivate the same high-quality strains over and over again.

How Agrify Insights Optimize Crop Quality

Weed grown with Agrify Vertical Farming Units
Agrify’s cannabis cultivation software combined with their fully enclosed, automated microclimates enhance flower quality and produce bigger yields.

The Vertical Farming Units are integrated with the aforementioned Agrify Insights, a cloud-based high-tech cannabis cultivation software that automates, regulates, monitors and optimizes cannabis cultivation in any size facility. The fully integrated control system takes a quantitative approach to indoor growing, enabling facility owners, managers and producers to easily plan, monitor and optimize the quality and yields of their crops. 

Agrify Insights can help growers plan future crops, investigate current crop statuses and review historical data—all while providing proven solutions to tackle any problem that arises. With a personalized dashboard for each function, everyone on the growing team has fast access to the information they need, when they need it. Agrify Insights can also help with:

Pre-programmed and Custom Grow Plans: Automatic data collecting and analysis tools drive educated judgments about tailoring “recipes” to fully correspond with cultivation goals, while pre-loaded and pre-tested strain-specific grow plans help you achieve early success. 

Customized, Actionable Insights: Whether you’re a facility owner, facility manager, master grower or cultivator, Agrify Insights provides actionable information via a unique dashboard that is specifically geared to your needs.

Transparency from Seed-to-Sale: The completely integrated software suite supports production planning, IPM reporting, consumables and product management, SOPs and state compliance. It also integrates with METRC and Confident Cannabis, OPEX financial simulator, SMS/email/phone notifications. Lastly, Agrify Insights gives you weekly status updates, plus strain and cultivation data.

Agrify Vertical Farming Units paired with the Agrify Insights software gives growers an alternative to the typical indoor cultivation design. Maximize your facility’s area while ensuring a high-quality output environment. With Agrify, cultivators are no longer forced to choose between increasing output and sacrificing flower quality—instead, you can enhance both.

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