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See, Taste and Touch the Difference with Cryo Cure Cannabis

Cryo Cure cannabis
PHOTO Courtesy of Cryo Cure


See, Taste and Touch the Difference with Cryo Cure Cannabis

Using patented freeze-drying technology, Cryo Cure ensures your harvested buds keep that “fresh from the farm” experience.

Cryo Cure is changing traditional cannabis drying and curing techniques with its revolutionary freeze-dried technology that removes water content to preserve cannabis at an optimal moisture level. The drying and curing process is arguably one of the most critical steps for all cannabis cultivators—from home growers to large-scale corporate operations.

This phase ensures that the fragile trichomes and terpene potency are preserved for maximum taste and efficacy. If not performed properly, those beautiful buds are at risk of developing mold and degradation. With Cryo Cure, cultivators can expect perfectly preserved, premium cannabis or hemp that dries in 12-16 hours and is completely ready for packaging or retail in just 24 hours. That’s a fraction of the time that the weeks-long drying and curing process traditionally takes.

Not Your Typical Freeze-Dried Weed

Lemoncello cannabis strain, cured cia the Cryo Cure process.
A macro shot of Cryo-cured Lemoncello. PHOTO Courtesy of Cryo Cure.

The basic principle of freeze-drying removes water from a product as a vapor via a high-pressure vacuum. During the process, the product is solidly frozen, eliminating or minimizing shrinkage and resulting in near-perfect preservation. This novel approach to drying and curing cannabis has various advantages: It keeps fresher for longer; it inhales smoothly; and the fluffy buds have great aesthetic appeal. 

However, traditional freeze-dried cannabis is not without its drawbacks. The amount of moisture that freeze dryers remove is detrimental to the cannabis flower’s integrity—in terms of both looks and potency.

Cryo Cure is different. Utilizing proprietary freeze-drying technology in its cannabis and hemp curing machines, the right amount of moisture from flower or trim is extracted. This revolutionary cannabis drying and curing process perfectly balances moisture levels for terpene and phytocannabinoid preservation, creating a “fresh from the farm” feeling that’s a delight for the senses. This process can take as little as 12-16 hours, shaving weeks off the typical hang drying phase.

The Cryo Cure Process

Cryo Cure high capacity machine.
Cryo Cure’s high capacity freeze-drying machine. PHOTO Courtesy of Cryo Cure.

By dialing in the ideal measurement of time, temperature and pressure, “Cryo Cured” flower is far superior to freeze-dried cannabis in terms of quality and experience. Cryo Cure’s patented machines don’t merely zap moisture away and call it a day. They keep cannabis aromatic, tasty, strong and euphoric. Let’s review how. 


The first step in the Cryo Cure process is to freeze the cannabis or industrial hemp to -20 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit for no less than 10 hours. This preserves the flower’s shape and integrity. Select Cryo Cure models have a built-in freezer for this purpose, or you can use a separate freezer that’s the right size and meets specifications for sub-critical temperatures.


The now-frozen product is placed into the material chamber under vacuum pressure in order to facilitate sublimation.


Sublimation is a process during which a solid is turned into a gas, skipping the liquid stage in between. Controlled radiant heat is applied during this process, converting the frozen moisture in the product directly into vapor.


The vapor is condensed back into a solid and collected in the ice bank.


The ice in the ice bank is melted and drained from the ice bank in the form of a hydrosol liquid. Any terpenes lost in the sublimation process can be reclaimed from the hydrosol to be used in other processed products such as vape pens and oils.

Cryo Cure has developed different sized cannabis freeze-drying machines that cater to all curing needs. The bestselling models are the CC360, which can hold between 66 and 132 pounds of wet weigh-in per cycle, and the HC10 which can hold 1,000 pounds of wet weigh-in per cycle. There are also two commercial walk-in freezer options available in both 10’ x 10’, and 10’ x 20’ models.

The Cryo Cure Difference

Cryo Cure cannabis
Cryo-cured cannabis is ready for packaging or retail in just 24 hours. PHOTO Brie Brewer.

With Cryo Cure, the color, taste and texture of cannabis that are typically lost during traditional processes are perfectly preserved, resulting in higher yields and less time between harvest and product distribution and sales. In other words, you can expect more money in your pocket sooner. This is a game-changer for commercial grow ops, as top-shelf cannabis customers will notice the vibrant, fluffy, aromatic buds that have up to 95% terpene retention. 

Currently, Cryo Cured top shelf cannabis and hemp brands are available at limited dispensaries in Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan and Massachusetts. Additionally, there are planned rollouts in Washington State, California and Rhode Island, Maine, Canada and Jamaica by the end of 2022. Look for the Cryo Cured seal of approval.

Ed Rosenthal, the Guru of Ganja, said, “Cryo Cure is a revolution in curing technology that keeps terpenes trichomes and THC content more intact than any other process.” 

In a market of good weed, Cryo Cure will make yours stand out for being great.

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