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Strains of Summer

strains of summer
Ziablo by IC Collective/Photo courtesy IC Collective


Strains of Summer

Cannabis Now’s Senior Staff Writer Jimi Devine takes a look back at our top strain choices for summer 2019.

As the Harvest Moon approaches and we get blown away by another season’s worth of work from the best cannabis farmers in the world, we thought it was a good time to take a look at the strains and cultivators that caught our eye this summer.

Summer is an interesting time in the cannabis world. Some got to enjoy the first waves of light deprivation-grown cannabis which are always a treat. Many watched their gardens, both legal and not, grow and are excited to see the fruits of their season’s work harvested in a few weeks. And we here at Cannabis Now are ready to smoke it. 

In our travels this summer we came across a lot of great cannabis, but a few were simply unforgettable and we expect those quality genetics to be with us for years to come. So this is a look back at a few of those moments we had to double-check what exactly was in the jar. All of these picks are absolute heavy hitters, and we’re sure you’ll love any of them you’re able to get your hands on.

Glazed Apricot Gelato – Compound Genetics

It takes a little bit of time for strains to get the wind in their sails and we’re sure Glazed Apricot Gelato’s time has arrived. Early this summer we came across a rendition of this Compound Genetics heater grown out by The Cure Company. It was awesome. The pairing of Legend Orange Apricot and Gelato produced a tangy creaminess flavor that’s as unique as the nose. You can expect an uplifting high, but the Gelato gives it a bit more body than the regular Legend Orange Apricot. We expect the Glazed Apricot Gelato to be on shelves all over the place sooner than later.

Dimepiece – C.R.A.F.T.

The perennial cup-winners at C.R.A.F.T. are up to it again with their newest exclusive house cut grown by their Keepers of the Craft Garden. Dimepiece brings together C.R.A.F.T.’s always popular Girl Scout Cookie and Sour Diesel cross Sour Girl and Acai Gelato. Dimepiece isn’t quite as gassy as mom, but not too far off. The judges at the hyper-competitive NorCal Cannabis Cup (which included our own Senior Editor Ellen Holland) chose Dimepiece as the winner in the indica category. If you can make it to NorCal order some C.R.A.F.T. to your hotel as soon as you get off the plane, trust us.

Gelonade – Connected

We first came across Gelonade last summer. As Connected led us on a tour of their outdoor operation, they showed us 30-plus Gelato #41 crosses being grown to maturity under the scorching sun of California’s Central Valley. That day Gelonade immediately jumped out to us and looked to be one of the major success from Connected’s propagation effort. The fusion of Gelato #41 and LemonTree also wowed the judges at the recent NorCal Cannabis Cup where it beat out all the other sativas. Keep an eye out for the new red jars from Connected, that means it was grown in a mixed light setting. It’s still great pot, but without all the carbon footprint.

Ziablo – IC Collective

It’s a real debate if anything this summer came out of nowhere at us quite like Ziablo. When IC Collective presented Cannabis Now’s editorial staff with a sample we knew immediately we had something magical in our hands. It was like all of the best things about Zkittelz and OG Kush had been combined into something unfathomably magical that was in that moment kicking off all-out assault on our nasal cavities. The flavor is in its own league for sure. It’s like some kind of combination of fuel, pine, and the redwoods. The dense nugs break down to a nice fluffy consistency that’s a pleasure to roll, but you’re better off going with the grinder. We won’t be surprised if the Ziablo ends up having the longest time in the spotlight of the group, it’s simply world-class marijuana.

TELL US, what strains did you smoke this summer?

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