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Strain Review: Purple Diesel (sativa-dominant)

purple diesel strain amethysts


Strain Review: Purple Diesel (sativa-dominant)

Our intrepid ganja chronnoisseur, Dragonfly, travels the world in search of the best cannabis and evaluates strains ranging from the popular and plentiful to the rare and exotic. She samples each strain in joints, glass bongs, vaporizers and bubblers, whenever available, taking careful notes of the smell, taste, and nuanced effects of each one. (photo by Dragonfly)

The most impressive characteristic of Purple Diesel is its appearance. Deep, rich, and frosty purple, this strain looks like a smokable amethyst. The look on people’s faces when they behold it alone is enough to warrant keeping it on hand.

While that much is certain, what I’m much less sure about is the lineage of Purple Diesel. Apparently there are many different strains that go by the name. Among them is one whose reported genetics are a Sonoma (Northern California) cross between NYC Diesel and Purple Urkle. There’s another Purple Diesel from NorCal that is said to have been born of an SDV3 (Reservoir Seeds) male and a NorCal Purple Kush clone. Bodhi Seeds made an SR71 Purple Kush x Sour Diesel IBL cross and called it Purple Diesel. Then there’s the pairing of Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel known as Purple Diesel. There’s Purple Haze and NYC Diesel adding to the confusion, not to mention Purple x West Coast Diesel. And don’t forget the NYC Diesel x Purple Oregon Thai. Which one did I come across and smoke for this review? A really, really purple one…

Purple Diesel – at least the version I smoked for this review – is so purple, even its trichomes are purple. It even tastes purple. I don’t say that out of lack of vocabulary; if you had synaesthesia, this is what purple would taste like.

The smell: Purple Diesel has an almost Fruity Pebbles-esque scent, with a floral bouquet and mildly sour undertones.

The dry hit: A fruity, berry potpourri of grape, and lavender enlivens the tongue pre-flame.

The flavor: Purple Diesel tastes like, well, purple – deep and fruity, floral and sweet, with a tart finish. There is a faint detection of pine, with occasional hints of fuel, rounded out by a pungent, chemy, grape aroma that leaves a tickly tingle on the tongue.

The high: Thanks to its sativa dominance, Purple Diesel makes a great daytime high and ideal smoke for inspiring creativity and enhancing appreciation. Uplifting and energetic, this creeper sneaks up on you but loves you long time – hours pass and the buzz goes on. It’s a great choice for a pre-flick smoke, because the high won’t let you down or knock you out halfway through the movie.

A definite body stone with calming, relaxing attributes, Purple Diesel nonetheless produces a clear-headed cerebral high that can snap you back into focus and reacquaint you with what matters most.

Since it enables easy concentration, Purple Deez is an effective option when you want a break from ADD. Some tokers report that it works wonders on migraines. Likewise, it’s great as a muscle relaxant, so if grandma’s complaining about arthritis or joint pain, be a dear and pack her a bowl. If you light it up when you’re tired or at the end of the day, you could be in for a very pleasant sleep.

The word: With its rock-hard, crystalline frostiness, vivid orange pistils, and intense royal purple meandering to pretty pink nugs, Purple Diesel is an aesthetically quite attractive strain. But for all of its desirable attributes, it’s difficult to classify Purple Diesel as a connoisseur strain because, frankly, the high is not spectacular. Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping in your repertoire for the simple fact that it will make your head stash look like some new-age crystal collection from the asteroid belt.

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