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Strain Review: Canndescent Charge No. 509

Moonrise Over the Merced/Photo Anita Ritenour


Strain Review: Canndescent Charge No. 509

Canndescent asks cannabis enthusiasts to choose an effect.

Some strains are too sour, some too gassy and some are juuuust right. Charge No. 509 from Canndescent hits that Goldilocks point, as this strain is a fresh light burst in the dark days of winter.

Charge No. 509 is a warming, energetic strain. The cauliflower-shaped hefty nugs we received (in a well-structured gift box alongside strains from all five mood families in the Canndescent line) smelled intense and sharp like a kaffir lime. When ground to perfection in a Phoenician grinder, bowls of this strain burned into perfect half moons of plenty.

Canndescent is moving away from strain names and offering cannabis by highlighting how it might make users feel. Charge No. 509 is a strain for daytime use. It’s recommended for bringing in bright bursts of sunshine as we pass the winter solstice and look ahead to fierier days.

TELL US, what are your winter classics?

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