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Get Rid of Nasty Resin Build-Up With Randy’s Black Label Cleaner

Black Label Cleaner
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Get Rid of Nasty Resin Build-Up With Randy’s Black Label Cleaner

If you’re worried about resin build up, you have a legitimate concern on your hands. Randy’s Black Label Cleaner can bring your pipes and bongs back to life.

That black, sticky, gooey substance that collects in our smoking pipes is called resin, and the more we smoke, the more likely we are to let it build up to the point where its complete removal seems impossible. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! The official glass cleaner of Illadelph Glass offers the best glass cleaner on the market. Randy’s Black Label Cleaner allows for lightning fast removal of resin and goo from all glass, metal and ceramic smoking devices.

Resin consists mainly of tar and while smoking some high-quality cannabis poses no discernible health risks, that resin sitting inside your pipe is a different story altogether. You may have tried to scrub your pipes clean (undoubtedly in vain) using regular soap and water, or even desperately scraping off small, uneven shavings of resin with your fingernails, but to no avail. That handsome pipe you started off with has been fully broken in, and aesthetics, as well as health concerns, are pretty much a sacrifice you’ve been forced to make if papers and different forms of ingestion don’t suit you.

Even if it’s been ages since you cleaned your favorite pipe, this best-selling and highly-rated cleaning solution will have your piece looking as clean as the day you bought it.

How Does Randy’s Black Label Cleaner Work?

Simply apply Randy’s Black Label Cleaner to your pipe, shake, and let it soak for just a few minutes. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this stuff works. Putting the product to the test, we decided to use Randy’s Black Label Cleaner on a glass pipe that was given to us some time ago. As you might imagine, the build-up has become impossible to get rid of over time.

We were pleasantly surprised that with Randy’s Black Label Cleaner, there was no scrubbing, no special tools and no hassle. By letting the pipe soak in this powerful solution for just 10 minutes, more than 90 percent of the resin build-up was gone. We followed up by using a little soap and water as the directions state and aside from some minimal browning of the glass from the heat, the pipe looked just like it did within its first week of use.

No wonder this top-selling solution is a favorite among smokers, just check out #RandysBlackLabel on Instagram to see incredible before and after photos from a variety of impressed customers. Don’t throw your expensive pipes away, use Randy’s Black Label Cleaner to make it look as good as new.

You can buy Randy’s Black Label Cleaner (12oz, 2-pack) for just $21.98 plus shipping from their online store or at your local smoke shop or warehouse. If your shop does not carry Randy’s Black Label Cleaner, contact them to have the product sent directly to the shop.

Don’t harm your lungs by using a dirty, resin-filled, or potentially moldy pipe. Get the best out of your smoking experience with a clean and beautiful pipe that only takes minutes to clean with Randy’s Black Label Cleaner.

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