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Grow Great Cannabis With Green Planet Wholesale

Green Planet
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Grow Great Cannabis With Green Planet Wholesale

Green Planet Wholesale Ltd. specializes in quality, high-impact products for the indoor gardening, hydroponic, and hobby greenhouse market, serving some of the biggest growers in the world.

Over the course of 20 years, Justin Cooper and Steven Betts have built Green Planet into a premier wholesale hydroponics and nutrients company. Being true pioneers and innovators of the Canadian medical cannabis industry, they know what really matters most for the plants, the garden and for the community. 

Their mission and vision is to reduce the number of products the consumer needs to achieve optimum desired results. “We try to make the absolute best product, and those products speak for themselves,” says Betts. They pride themselves on having their finger on the pulse of the marketplace, ensuring their products fill the needs of the consumer. The Massive Bloom additive replaces five or six more expensive products found in most hydro setups and gives better results.

The Personal Touch

Justin Cooper (L) and Steven Betts.

Along with the tools for success, Green Planet also gives growers the support they need. Whether growing under one light or 10,000, help is just a phone call or chat away. Their 24/7 technical support goes beyond the basics, featuring a team of experts in cannabis cultivation. From strain-specific needs to troubleshooting tips and tricks for every situation, Green Planet wants to help you succeed.

“Back in the ’90s, there was a mystique, from formulations to this that and the other, in how growers were doing things, getting their great results,” says Betts. “Each had a special way of doing things and there was a lot of mumbo-jumbo hocus pocus. Today, with the internet and more experienced growers on average, it’s not like that.”

They’re also a key sponsor of  “Growing Exposed,” a series co-hosted by Cooper that profiles growers and the technology and innovation seen in the cannabis community.

Cooper and Betts have stayed true to their roots, pun intended, running their booths at international tradeshows as often as possible. Few owners at their level are at every trade show, visiting stores and doing sales trips. It’s little surprise, then, that their employees feel just as loyal as their customers. Many have been there since day one, sticking with the team that has their backs, like a family. 

Green Planet Supplies Global Growers

This loyalty isn’t limited to customers and employees. Green Planet holds exclusive distribution rights of over 50 brands in Canada, as well as exporting throughout North America, Europe, parts of South America and Australia. Every brand they feature gets feedback from over 10,000 unique customers on their products, helping make them even better.

“We sell common sense, not snake oil,” says Cooper. “We align ourselves with companies and products that we believe, and can prove, are going to give the customer better results.”

They analyze every product on the market to see how Green Planet can make it better, dedicated to distributing only reputable tested products that display purpose and results.

In an unstable world where companies try to find safe footing in cannabis, the Green Planet team continues to have the medical community’s back.

“Everyone in the industry is always saying ‘we love cannabis’, but we put our money where our mouth is,” says Betts. “That’s one major initiative that Green Planet has over any other manufacturer. We genuinely saw the need. We deal with cultivators all day long, with veterans, with Dravet Syndrome patients, with everything cannabis encompasses. We couldn’t sit by, knowing full well we could have done something to help fight.

“When the feds tried to take away ‘grow your own’ rights from Canadian medical patients, we funded the initial money to get the lawyers, put on numerous concerts and events to raise capital to the tune of $50,000,” Betts continues. “It was a David vs. Goliath win for the people. The government spent $1.6 million to take away people’s medical right to cultivate. We (medical cultivation advocates) spent just under $700,000, and we won.”

Green Planet’s edge can be summed up in one statement; “We’re not growing bud anymore,” says Cooper. “We’re growing trichomes.”

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