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Product Review: The Firefly

A red original Firefly Vaporizor.


Product Review: The Firefly

It’s Zen-like using a Firefly as one remembers the patterns of breath and sinks into relaxation. The hand-held vaporizer requires measured, patient breaths and results in flavorful hits that preserve the terpene profile of favorite strains. Just try vaporizing a Cherry AK and truly taste the bright fruit notes.

The vaporizer is an example of duality – it’s classically designed, but contains innovative new technology. The Firefly is sleek and beautiful right out the box. It has a magnetic top that allows for easy access to the loose-leaf herb chamber. Powered by convection technology, a ring around the chamber heats quickly. Watching the ring glow red through the quartz crystal window can be very satisfying. The heating button can be used in a number of different ways. For a light, cool vapor hit, it can be released early and for a richer draw, it can be held down longer. Or get crazy and pulse the button to heat the cannabis in any fashion you see fit – part of the fun of the Firefly is experimenting.

The portable device feels sturdy in the hand and can include a swappable battery. The extra battery is crucial, as the vaporization experience — which reaches grand levels of sophistication — should not be hindered by a need to re-charge.

There was a time when cannabis culture was confined to stoner stereotypes, but with legalization measures advancing across the nation, it’s due time for cannabis to take its rightful place among life’s finer treasures. The Firefly proves the time for innovation and change is now.

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UPDATE 6/21/15: We’re giving away another Firefly Vaporizer. Enter HERE!

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